Moving Toward Belly Button Bling…

Something somewhat amazing has happened to me in the new forty…I have seen my sense of limitations slowly evaporate.  I am not really sure why that is.  I wonder if it is the recognition that at least half of one’s life has likely passed or if it is a heightened sense-of-self…perhaps it is a little bit of both.  Regardless of why my sense of limitations have seemed to evaporate away – the fact is they have – and let me tell you folks – it is fabulous!

You may have read my recent blog about my goal for my second year of the new forty -to get my body in the best shape ever.  The truth be told, I have already been focusing on this notion for about a month now; but, it was only two days ago that I decided to make a very public commitment to this goal.  So, as is typical in my world, that which is happening in my life appears in my blog…hence the public commitment to my year two new forty goal – my best body ever

But then I started thinking, how will I document the commitment to my goal as the days go by?  My goal for last year was to write every day and that has been documented by daily blog entries…but this best body ever goal is a tad less easy to document.  After pondering the best way to document this I struck upon an idea – one that required courage, but that would serve as a point of reference from the end of year one of the new forty and serve as a measuring stick into year two of the new forty. 

Now don’t go thinking that I am going to strip down to spandex and take a series of half naked photos as the months go on…I may not recognize limitations, but I have not lost my mind.  Oh, no – I have a plan though to document progress and in the effort I decided to enlist the assistance of a former student and friend who has a photography business – Misty Kramer.   Misty’s photography business – Dreaming In Color Photography – will help me document my visible progress on this goal.  We’ll start with photos before I actually enter year two of the new forty and will periodically update the progress as time moves forward.  And although there will likely be no spandex involved in any of the photos, there will likely be some clothing changes as we move forward to better document progress…so as my body moves closer to the goal I am thinking there will be different types of clothing necessary to document progress (but note again – there will never be spandex).

In addition, I decided today in direct rebuttal of the alleged "menopot" matter that I wrote about on January 31, 2010 (On moustaches and menopots…) that I would do something as I approach my best body ever that I have been threatening to do for a few years now (much to my childrens’ horror) – get my belly button pierced.  I am hoping to be able to do that before classes begin again at NDSU – that will give me about seven weeks in year two of the new forty to get my body ready for belly button piercing. 

Yes – I am commited to my year two of the new forty goal – so much so that I am willing to allow my journey to be documented right here in this blog – the place where my first big commitment in the new forty has been honored.  So stick around and let’s see what I can do if I perceive no limitations on my abilities to make my goals into realities…and if any of you have pierced belly buttons, send info on where to go get it done and what kind of belly button jewelry to buy.  I am very excited about the opportunity to increase the number of cute accessories I possess…belly button bling should be a whole new source of joy for me. 😉

Day three hundred and forty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Katherine

    Have a sunshine tatoo around your belly button. Then you’ll always have sunshine to take with you.

  2. Choking DNA

    i almost choked to death on some belly button bling a few years back. being an overally oral person, bling in ALL areas of the body can be a choking hazard. muahahahahahahaha there should be a warning or a government recall or something

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