Shhhh…it’s A Secret!

Over the last five years the Law of Attraction has received a lot of attention. Most of this attention has been in conjunction with Oprah’s major endorsement of The Secret.  The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that energy flows where your thoughts go. The notion is that the universe works to give you what your energy asks for (as long as you are open to receiving it)…but most scientists aren’t buying it.

The thought is that by imbuing confidence in folks that positive things will occur a placebo effect takes place and when positive things do indeed occur the Law of Attraction gets the credit.  As for me, I believe that the power of positive thinking is – in and of itself – a mighty powerful tool as it changes the energy one puts out.  Additionally, I believe that others react to your energy – be it positive or negative.  The universe is not a static environment and energy from people is powerful in creating frames for interaction.

I don’t suppose one needs to spend too much time thinking about why it is or whether there is an actual scientific law that supports it; instead, the time is likely better spent on just putting out positive energy into the world.  That is generally my modus operandi and it works for me in my universe.  I have the power of creating my own take on life and for fueling that take with positivity.  The beautiful thing is that positivity generally begets positivity.

Not that I am always a little Miss Mary Sunshine, but I get that the days when I am positive are better days than those when I am not.  It is a powerful lesson to learn in one’s life – the lesson that you have the power to frame your own reality. It’s that old glass half-full ideology…not so sure it is a “secret” or that it can be elevated to a scientific “law”, but I know that it produces a positive effect when put in practice.

Try it – you’ll see what I am saying…and if you feel a need to wrap it up in some theoretical framework…well, feel free to call it Carol’s Theory of Positivity (and you thought Einsten was the only one who could produce such a big thought…puh-leese…I always knew I could as well…after all, I was thinking positive). 😉

Day three hundred and fifty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C