Three And Half Inches…

This photo was taken by Misty of Dreaming In Color Photography as part of a photo shoot this past Tuesday designed to capture my start point for my goal for year two of the new forty – which starts in a few days.  I’ll be sharing more on that on my birthday.

I love this photo and the eye of the photographer…it never ceases to amaze me the way photographers see things.  To know me, is to know that this photo captures a piece of my essence – me and my high heels – rarely are we parted.  I find it so fascinating that Misty was able to capture me so well without ever showing my face. So much of me is defined by my three and half inch heels that I wear religiously.  They are indicative of more than the fact that I am a short girl who wants to see at least eye to chest with the rest of the population…they are indicative of my attitude and demeanor.  From this photo you can gather that I am both a girly girl and a woman who takes no prisoners…a person not afraid to stride confidently into the fray.

Amazing the eye of the photographer…Misty captured so much in this photo about me…who knew three and half inches could be so powerful. 😉

Day three hundred and sixty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. NDLAW

    My dear lady you do not need the three and half inches to see eye to chest, your personality and your beauty have you seeing eye to eye with anyone. I believe that you are one who can accomplish anything at any height or level you put your mind to. The three and half inches only enhances that beauty that is already there, and oh how it does!!!!!!!!

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