Nothing Is Impossible When You Work For The Circus…

My friend Jeanine gave me this sign when I saw her in Bismarck recently.  It fits me…I work for the circus…well, not exactly…but my life often resembles a bit of a three ring circus and I guess you could say I work here – so I work for the circus (don’t question the logic – just go with it). 

If you are familiar with the circus you know that the circus folk, although often not related (except perhaps for the siamese twins), form a pseudo-family unit.  They help each other out and they stick together…collectively they make the magic that is the circus happen.  So too is my life…a.k.a. my circus…the people who surround me help me out and they stick with me and together we make the magic happen.

And those folks in my life who have come through in a pinch with a solution or manpower or energy or support – those folks know they are part of my circus family – they know they are part of the magic…this three ring circus is hardly a one woman show.  It is a hodge podge of hands and hearts; commitment and laughter; and, igenuity and lunacy.

Impossible you say…nothing is impossible when you work for the circus – collectively we make the magic happen.  If there is anyone out there who wants to join the circus – we always have room for one more.  😉

Day three hundred and sixty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. jimlindlauf

    Each circus person also has one or more things they can do that amazes the audience. We all possess that one skill that sets us apart from the pack, although we rarely know what it is, and almost never hone it to the point that we can amaze others with it. I like the circus analogy!

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