Laughing With Lupe…

Last night the kids and I went to Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant to celebrate my birthday.  It was the first chance we had to all be together for awhile, and it was a lovely time.


I have to say at the outset, if you have not been to Jalapenos lately (2901 Main Ave in Fargo) – you need to go.  I had not been there for over a month and my goodness has it changed since then.  They have completely redone the decor from the old Krolls decor they started with and it is fabulously fun and festive…it really does change the dining experience.

I have written about Jalapenos in my blog before – great food and margaritas for a very reasonable cost – not much there not to love.  I am a big fan of their tacquitos, but their menu is fairly extensive to accomodate a wide variety of preferences.

But better than the decor and the food and even the margaritas is the wait staff at Jalapenos.  They are some of the most easygoing and delightful folks you could want to interact with – they are quick with a smile, a snappy comeback and humor…it really enhances the entirety of your experience.  I have always enjoyed my interaction with the folks that work at Jalapenos each and every time I go – Jalapenos is not a sterile dining experience where the wait staff is merely polite and efficient (not that there is anything wrong with that) – it is a lively engagement between the staff and customers.

Last night, I became acquainted with a Jalapenos wait staff member named Lupe that I had not met previously, but that my daughter Sarah knows well (she eats there at least once a week these days, but when they first opened I think she was easily there three or more times a week – my family loves Mexican food). Below are photos of Lupe (blue shirt) with Sarah and her long-time boyfriend Dusty.

Let me tell you about Lupe – this guy is a one man comedy tour-de-force.  Fortunately, he did not come over to our table until I was done eating or I would have no doubt aspirated my food.  I consider myself a fairly quick wit and I have surrounded myself in life with like quick wits, but this guy has the ability to roll at a level that I have rarely seen in regular folks…indeed, I do believe he could stand toe to toe with many a professional comedian.

In the half an hour I spent laughing my fanny off at Lupe’s comedic talents I observed his ability to roll into the humor of his specific audience…he is able to gauge the personalities of his audience and shift the humor up or down based on the responses he receives.  He really has quite the comedic gift.  Funny flows out of Lupe like water out of a faucet – it is natural and easy and fluid. I felt like I attended a dinner show when it was all said and done.

You can see from the above photos that Lupe has a delightfully effervescent personality. He exudes happiness and he fits in well with the rest of the Jalapenos staff – they are such a fun group.  If you haven’t been to Jalapenos lately go visit again soon – I am confident you will thoroughly enjoy your visit; and, should Lupe visit your table finish chewing and swallowing quickly because you will be laughing your fanny off and receiving the Heimlich manuever has a dampening effect on laughter. 😉

Day three hundred and sixty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C