Happy Hours…SC At The GC

Sara Lepp asked me the other day when Happy Hour is at Granite City (GC) – I didn’t know the answer to her query…indeed, I thought every hour I spent at GC was happy.

You may recall that I proclaimed in my blog back in late June that GC is my summer 2010 go-to hang-out.  I have really come to like it there.

Last night Sara and I were hanging out there getting into mischief.  Dave and Bridget were bartending – seriously all their staff members – hostesses, wait staff, bartenders, management – are fab.  They all are friendly, fun and funny.  I wonder how one goes about interviewing for those qualities?   I can’t imagine you could train those qualities into someone.

I must confess, I have always wanted to be a waitress – I would love to be able to interact with folks like that.  I know it is very difficult job and I likely would discover in short order that it was better in theory than practice, but I am still holding on to the possibility that I can check that off my bucket list before too long.

Tonight will be more of the same at GC, but with additional invitees.  I think we are starting the makings of a Singles Club – a SC, if you will – at the GC.  Not that something earth-shattering has occurred based on my SC designation.  Bars have always had a way of bringing out single folks in groups.  I know very few folks who go to bars alone…albeit, that may be because they are there alone and I know nothing of it (hmmm…that should boggle my little mind for awhile).

So, the SC will be at GC tonight at 7:30 causing mischief until we tire of causing mischief…if you want to join the SC come on over.  There is no cost to join, no initiation ceremony, and no special hat or vest, but there is a special secret handshake.  It is a really cool handshake, but…sorry…you have to be a club member before I can divulge that information. 😉

Day three hundred and seventy-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C