Leap Fearlessly…

My friends and colleagues, Jessica and Dustin (also known more recently as the parents of Piper), gave me a fabulous plaque for my birthday and in doing so introduced me to my new favorite artist – Kelly Rae Roberts.  Demdaco features a whole collection of this amazing woman’s work at their site.

Above is a photo of the plaque that Jessica and Dustin gave me.  The writing is difficult to read from this photo so I include it below.

Leap fearlessly

Embrace your truth

Let it go

Tell your story

Quiet the inner critic

Trust your creative spirit

Love with abandon

Embrace vulnerability

Unleash your joy

Wear more skirts

Speak of your gratitude

Do the thing you never thought you could do

Own your talent

It’s great isn’t it?  I absolutely love it!  I know they knew I would love it too because they know it is so me.  And that really is the point…even better than the fab gift is the fact that I am surrounded by beautiful, thoughtful friends who get me.  I mean – really – isn’t that the greatest gift of all?  I am one lucky duck! 😉

Day three hundred and seventy-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C