My nephew Paul (age 15) is into mixed martial arts (MMA) training.  I had an opportunity to watch him train the other day and it was an intense workout.  I was in awe of the level of energy involved in these folks’ training.  With my very limited photography skills I captured and included some images below.


The class I watched was comprised of varying ages (but acknowledgely no one appeared to be over 30); and, the gender composure of the class was all male but for one young woman in her twenties (and I should add here that she was toe-to-toe with with the men – a fierce chick indeed). While I knew of MMA prior to watching Paul’s class there were a lot of things I did not know. For example, the physique of someone trained in MMA is incrediby toned, but not overly muscular. The focus is on builiding strength, agility, endurance and speed In almost equal measures.

I have to say, watching the training session made me want to do MMA. Of course, I would likely die about 15 minutes into the class. The part where they had to jump successive times over hurdles with the goal of getting their knees as high as possible – that alone would have landed me in the emergency room no doubt. But wow, it looked fun and challenging and I found myself wishing that I had been exposed to this level of workout when I was younger, if for no other reason than to have understood the intensity with which one can work their body. I know that at the end of these workouts the participants must be wiped out physically, but mentally they must be invigorated by the knowledge that they have mastered their body’s full capacity to perform.

On another note, if I possessed these skills and abilities – the same ones the ultimate fighters have on T.V. – I can think of a number of situations where I would have happily been able to use them. I guess the universe understood that me and MMA were a combo that might have been deadly and cosmically channeled me in another direction. I surmise I will never know the gratification of being able to draw my knees to my chest while jumping over successive hurdles, but Paul is going to teach me how to work the bag – so watch out…I think I may still have a bit of intensity in my waiting to find an outlet. 😉

Day three hundred and eighty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. HOMD

    Oooh, would you trust yourself to be so physically powerful? You wouldn’t want to hurt any of your cougar-toys…

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