Feeling The Love…

I just this morning returned from a short, but very fun trip to Philadelphia – the City of Brotherly Love – and yes, sir…I felt the love.  I have much to share about my trip (to include an outing with the irrepressible Philly Kim), but a good night’s sleep is required before I can provide you with all the details of that escapade (and many a photo).   Today I offer a small snippet of my Philly trip.

One the eve of my arrival (Wednesday) at my hotel (The Ritz-Carlton in Philly proper), I ordered room service and met a very nice fellow named Dan (who is a member of their in-room wait staff). Dan and I had a conversation about a number of things – mostly things about Philadelphia, but a few other things as well – and it was lovely. Of course, I felt a tad guilty after awhile as he was working and me, well you know me, I am visiting with folks in perpetuity.

Last night when I returned to my room from my final conference session this yummy plate of chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate Liberty Bell were waiting for me along with a very sweet note card from Dan. Well, needless to say, Dan quickly moved to the top of my favorite person list…what a thoughtful gesture.

After I discovered this delightful surprise in my room I went downstairs and asked the concierge (who coincidentally is also a Dan) if he could hunt up my favorite Dan for me so I could thank him.  Dan’s thoughtfulness made my day.  The photo below of me and Dan was taken last night in the Ritz-Carlton’s lobby before my colleague Dustin and I headed out to dinner.

So, I was definitely feeling the love in Philly and I think there is little doubt about where I will stay when next I visit…wherever Dan is working (gee…I hope he stays in the hotel business or this could get tricky).  If you are headed to Philly and are staying at the Ritz-Carlton please do make an effort to say hello to Dan, my newest Philly friend…I am sure you will like him as much as I do. 😉

Day three hundred and ninety-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Dan Burns

    Hey Ms. Cwiak! Your blog is awesome! It was wonderful getting to know you…even though our time together was brief. I look forward to the next time you come to Philly, I will definitely take you up on the offer and have a drink with you. You seem like a very fun-loving, laid-back person, which is a fantastic look for forty-year-olds nowadays.
    A little bit about myself… I am an undergraduate student at Temple, studying Psychology, part-time student, full-time Ritz-Carlton employee. I enjoy long walks on beaches and candlelit dinners…. just kidding. Anyway, contact me next time your in the area, and I’d love to have a drink and talk about life with you.
    -Dan Burns

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