David Bowie Said It Best…

It has been said that the only real constant in life is change.

Yesterday,  Area Voices migrated all of its bloggers to a new platform and it has caused quite a stir. Many things are different and it appears some things may be lost – presently all my blog comments  are missing-in-action (some bloggers report the loss of photos  and profiles).  Also absent is our blog read counter that I personally became very attached to as it allowed me to track the growth of my reading audience over time (when last I checked my blog had registered over 257,000 reads in its time on Area Voices).

The new blog platform does apparently allow for more control though over our blogs.  It actually captures IP addresses to help curtail malicious commentators and it allows for message approval prior to posting (I think this can be bypassed as well for regular readers via pre-approval…still learning about that).  I do believe you may need to register on the site to leave a comment though (I don’t believe that was required before), but it appears that by doing so you get access to the full compliment of the site’s services which includes in-house email and an opportunity to start your own blog or blogs.  Plus, I believe this site better supports a community of bloggers contributing to one blog (the permissions page for what can be done is quite expansive).

I have been working with Jason from the Area Voices Support Team since July 2009 when I started my blog.  He has always been very good to me and willing to hold my hand through never-ending questions.  I know he is working his fanny off now trying to deal with all the little bugs this system is presenting now that the rubber has hit the road.  Bloggers are frustrated, readers are frustrated and I am sure Jason is overwhelmed with questions, complaints and challenges.  I think every blogger on Area Voices should send over a six-pack of beer or coke – or whatever the beverage of choice is – to the Area Voices Support Team as I imagine they are pulling their hair out about now.

I believe that folks who know more about technology than I do realize that this is a better blogging platform that the old one.  As I understand it our blogs will be broadcast farther and wider than before (which personally gives me a moment of pause when I think about all the crazy things I have blogged about in the past – but never fear, the moment has already passed so the irreverence of the new forty will continue unabated).

I spent quite a bit of committed time yesterday trying to get some of the basics of the site figured out, but there are still many things that I need to learn about my new blog home (such as how to get my new forty picture in my blog header).  It is kind of like moving from a regular non-automated house to the Jetson’s house overnight – even though I knew it was coming it still has a learning curve- does pushing that button get me breakfast or dress me for bed?

But what the heck, I like learning about new things – change is good.  A little over a year ago I was new to Area Voices and moved through a learning curve then.  Now I am new to this, but I will learn how to navigate through it with ease over time.  Of course my name when translated from its country of origin means “woman of many husbands” – so, I am adept at change. 😉

There is something so promising about the potentiality in changing situations – whether they are new blog platforms, new jobs, new locations, new relationships, or new life challenges.  Change begs for growth and growth, although a bit scary, can be thrilling as well.  I don’t ride scary rides at the carnival and I don’t bungee jump but I do like the excitement of stretching my limits with other new things that take me a bit out of my comfort zone.  Indeed, that has been a theme in my life and it is a part of who I have become.

Time is movement and it is ever-changing.  Whenever I experience a disappointment I remember at the very next turn I may face the most glorious opportunity or experience I have ever had.   Change is constant and scary and sometimes uncomfortable, but most days it is really good.  It reminds us that permanence is an illusion – make the most of your wonderful moments and remember in your moments of despair that they are ultimately only moments in a time continuum that is ever-changing.

I think David Bowie said it best:
Pretty soon you’re gonna get a little older
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time
I said that time may change me
But I can’t trace time

Time has changed me – for the better I think – progress has been made.  I think that was the point.  I surmise that will be the point with the new blog platform as well…and if not, I shall not despair as some new glorious opportunity or experience is always right around the corner.

Day four hundred and one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. farside

    You are a trooper! Support has been no support for me, it takes them days to get back by email..this new blogging platform sucks..I am sure that it is just a way to pull in more people to talk about whatever they want to on Topics..a place I never visit.

    With the old software almost anyone could blog, they have closed the door..rather slammed it in the face of many bloggers and readers too..I can only hope that the readers complain.. 🙁

  2. farside

    You will need to resize that photo and make her really tiny before you will get her into the header..even wordpress has its limitations. 🙁

  3. Ah I too miss the good ol counter. I was under the impression that we would still have something like that. But yes, Change is good… I had to start a new blog because they messed up my old one and I couldn’t log in no matter how many password resets I tried. I never got any real help though I asked many times. At least I am finally able to find the blogs that I like to read…. Like yours for example!! We’re all in this together!! 🙂

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