Dating Season…

Philly Kim shared with me her boyfriend Anil’s former dating strategy – a strategy he terms “dating season” – and I enjoyed it so that I feel compelled to share it with all of you.

Mostly I share it because I find it brilliant, but I also share it as I am mildly curious as to how many other folks employ this strategy.  I had never really spent too much time thinking about a “dating season” strategy until I learned about it from Philly Kim, but now that I know about it I wonder if there are others out there in the world – particularly other men – who are utilizing it.

So here is Anil’s “dating season” strategy:

  • Dating season opens February 15  (thereby missing Valentine’s Day) and ends in early November.
  • The rationale for ending dating season in November is to avoid having to bring the seasonal dating partner who isn’t looking like mate material around to all the family, friend and work holiday events (and also to avoid all the gifting involved).

I have to admit,  it makes sense to me.  The holidays are stressful enough without having to additionally deal with a dating partner that you know is not a long-termer, but instead a Ms. or Mr. Right for right now.

Interestingly, in discussing Anil’s dating strategy with my friend Dorothy, she argued that for women “dating season” is actually the exact opposite of what Anil proposed.  For women, she proposed that “dating season” is the beginning of November through Valentine’s Day.  Dorothy’s strategy focuses primarily on the gifting potency of having a dedicated dating partner over the holidays, but also allows for the value of having a static escort to all the parties and gatherings the holidays are known for.  Hmmm…some good points there as well.

As someone who is now back in the dating game I surmise I should give some thought to when my “dating season” is.  Not sure if my season will be akin to no white shoes after Labor Day (although I think that fashion taboo has been obliterated) or should take into consideration other seasons when the male population seems to be otherwise occupied (i.e., hunting season, fishing season, football season, etc.).

I am not so concerned about the gifts, but having someone I enjoy around for the holiday season sounds like it might be a nice perk.

Of course, I am theoretically off during the summers (as in off work, not off-my-rocker) – so those three months should definitely be included in my dating season.

Also of note is the long winter and the niceties of being able to cozy up with someone special in front of a fire.

It is nice to know in advance who will be kissing you at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve (uncommitted lips can be a real hazard after an evening of drinking).

The Superbowl just isn’t the same if you have to watch it alone…it needs to be shared…preferably with a partner cheering for the other team…good-natured rivalry is good for the soul (and other things).

And then there is springtime and being able to take walks with a special someone in the gentle spring rain – that sounds very appealing.

I do so love the fall too…all the leaves changing colors and the ability to enjoy the changing of the seasons…the cool fall nights when an arm around you on an evening walk feels just right…yeah, definitely would like someone around during the fall.

Wow, taking into consideration all of the above I think my “dating season” strategy will have to be as follows:

  • February 15-May 30;
  • The summer months of June, July and August;
  • The months of fall (to include September, October and November);
  • The mega holiday party month of December;
  • The winter canoodle months (November – March);
  • The springtime (April – May); and, for greater clarity,
  • All days that end in “y”;
  • But, not the 31st days of September, April, June or November (even dating season needs a holiday) .

So there you have it – three “dating season” strategies to select from – or perhaps you have another option to offer – if so, please do share it here.

As for me  – it is open season, so if you are a fan of evening walks on cool fall nights and have a nice strong arm to wrap around me – you know where to find me. 😉

Day four hundred and two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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