Air Has No Prejudice.

I rarely watch commercials. I consider the ability to skip over commercials one of the primary perks of having a DVR.  I have become so accustomed to watching things that I have recorded on my DVR (which allows you to stop, fast forward or rewind with ease at your whim) that I struggle when I travel and can only watch T.V. in real time.  In real time there is no stopping, fast forwarding or rewinding – and there are commercials – plenty of them.  I do believe the number of commercials on T.V. have multiplied significantly over the years.  It seems to me that commercial breaks used to be shorter once-upon-a-time (albeit, it occurs to me that I view time and commercials differently based on the way life and technology has changed).  At any rate, I am not typically a commercial watcher unless it is the Super Bowl and then I am all about the commercials (and the nachos and football pool).

So it is a rarity that I see commercials,  but I recently caught a 30 second Verizon commercial in passing that not only caught my attention but also my admiration.  The commercial is part of Verizon’s Rule the Air commercial series.  It caught my attention because it used young women to portray the message of the power of ideas.  I believe in the empowerment of youth; I particularly believe in the empowerment of young women in a society that has not always embraced their strength, equality or contributions.

I have been a long time Verizon customer and most days I am mildly disgruntled with them as a corporate entity (I do really enjoy the folks they have working for them though – I have found them to be Verizon’s saving grace).  I really appreciate this commercial though, even if it is, in their corporate mentality, just a smart marketing strategy.  The message is powerful even if it is selling a product and for that I applaud Verizon (that applause will likely stop abruptly when I see my monthly bill though – so not much has changed in my general feelings toward Verizon’s corporate self).

I share the words in the commercial below and you can see the commercial here.

Air has no prejudice.

It does not carry the opinions of a man faster than those of a woman.

It does not filter out an idea because I’m 16 and not 30.

Air is unaware if I am black or white and wouldn’t care if it knew.

So it stands to reason my ideas will be powerful if they are wise… infectious…if they are worthy.

If my thoughts have flawless delivery I can lead the army that will follow.

If more commercials were like this one I might just forgo my DVR every once in awhile…alright…probably not forgo the DVR, but I may stop to watch some of the commercials.

Day four hundred and six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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