Don’t Mess With Olga…

Okay…I am obsessed with my new heavy bag and boxing.  I just love the power in it.  And I must say, that even being the consummate pacifist I believe myself to be, I hit that bag really hard.  I think I may have multiple personalities.  My boxing personality feels like an Olga – a strong, intimidating woman who has a tad too much testosterone and not quite enough estrogen (my apologies to any Olga’s out there who find this description disparaging).   Olga loves hitting that bag over and over again with an intensity that is drawn from somewhere deep down…it makes me think Olga has some ex-husbands in her past and harbors some lingering animosity.

The heavy bag came with some really lame boxing gloves so I had to order some new ones – real boxing gloves – because even the pacifist doesn’t want to use those wimpy gloves.

A funny thing happened when I went to order new boxing gloves, I discovered they come in different colors.  I thought they were all red, but no – not so.  Apparently even boxers want to be fashionable…especially newbie boxers with multiple personalities.

So here are the gloves I ordered for Olga – I thought they might help serve as a visual reminder that she is a girl – even if apparently quite an aggressive girl with some pent-up frustrations.

I love the idea that girl boxers can do some serious damage wearing pink gloves – pink is for warriors – pink is for hardcore girl boxers – girls who know that they have all the power they need – girls like Olga – girls like me.  These gloves scream, “HELL YEAH, I AM A GIRL AND I OWN MY POWER!” When the new gloves arrive I think I will put aside my pacifist personality and openly embrace my inner Olga with just a tad less testosterone, but not any less power…girl power that is. 😉

Day four hundred and ten of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. The Olga I know would never wear boxing gloves, even if they were pink! She’s 85 years old, and one of the strongest people I know, and you know what? I think she will be honored when I tell her that you named your inner warrior “Olga!” Good choice of names!

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