She Who Wants To Nap…

I don’t often get an opportunity to take a nap – even when it is clear I need one – but yesterday I took the opportunity to take a nap.  I am the kind of person who can take a short 20 to 30 minute nap and wake up refreshed.  So I laid down and was just drifting off to sleep when I was awakened by the loudest fly buzzing sound I believe I have ever heard accompanied by intermittent thuds against the window.  Apparently some monster fly was trying to escape via my bedroom window and was growing increasingly frustrated.

Uggh…seriously?  Being the proactive, take charge woman I am I quickly assessed the situation and concluded that for my nap to be successful the fly was going to have to go.  Ah, but I had been on the edge of sleep when this fly entered the picture and I didn’t want to get up and move around and then have to start the whole nap process again…so I called in the terminator (probably more appropriately called the furminator) – Bogie.

We adopted Bogie from the FM Humane Society about a year and a half ago.  He is a very loving cat who listens the way a dog does – in other words, he actually comes when he is called and listens to what you say and even does what you ask – he’s responsive in a way that most cats are not.  But even better than that, Bogie loves to hunt, chase and eat bugs and insects.  Yes, I can already anticipate your query, “Am I willing to sell him?”  Afraid not my friends, a cat that eats flies and mosquitoes and comes when called – I know a gift from God when I see it.

So, I called in the furminator to deal with the fly so that I could remain in a nap-ready position while he attended to my nap-interruptor.  Such a big fly had little hope against my nimble and relentless comrade who, once on the hunt, does not stop until his prey is digested (I reiterate – he is not for sale).  So I called Bogie into my bedroom and he immediately heard the buzzing fly and started tracking his movement.  I figured – problem solved and closed my eyes so that I could drift back toward sleep.

I was just about asleep again when I heard a loud crash and saw Bogie leaping from my bedroom windowsill to try and catch the big fly mid-air.  Who knew such a big fly could be so quick?  The fly was off and Bogie was deep in the chase with everything in his path suffering collateral damage.  The initial crash in my bedroom was a series of photo frames on my windowsill that apparently impeded Bogie’s hunting ability. In the time span of maybe three minutes the big fly returned to my window a few times and there wasn’t a picture frame left standing by the time it was all said and done – but by that time I was standing and rolling my eyes and wondering why I didn’t just use the fly swatter to begin with.

Bogie eventually caught the fly and I eventually got my nap, but I think there was a fortune cookie lesson somewhere in the whole episode – “Laziness is never rewarded…” or “Those who leave their responsibilities to others will find that their responsibilities have grown not diminished…” or “She who wants to nap should kill her own flies…” – yep, somewhere in there is a lesson.

Day four hundred and twelve of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. That’s awesome!!! My kitty would come when I called her, and she was great at hunting the big cockroaches (Palmetto bugs) in FL – except she didn’t kill and eat them – she buried them! Priceless! Glad you got your nap.

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