My Weekend Psychic Reading…

I got an email in my junk folder this weekend that said, “Your weekend psychic reading is enclosed.”  Of course the email arrived in my junk folder on Sunday morning and seeing as the weekend was about half gone I was wondering how psychic the reading really was.  I didn’t open the email, I just let it go with its brethren to the trash; but, it did get me to thinking about how much folks really want to know in advance about what is or is not going to happen in their future.

It is alluring this notion of insight into what will happen in the future – mostly from a utilitarian point of view – you could avoid wasted time and effort on those things that theoretically don’t matter to the end result; you could avoid injuries – emotional and otherwise; and, you could worry less about what will be – as you’d know what was coming.

I must confess something though at this juncture, something I have never really shared before with anyone and will share here for the first time with you today  – I have a touch of the gift – I am psychic.  I know many of you are not likely not surprised to learn this – that I am touched – some things even when left unsaid are apparent.  I don’t tell folks this about myself for fear of being ridiculed or asked to give personal readings.  I try and keep my gift to myself, but with all the charlatans out there these days trying to defraud folks with their “supposed” gift I thought it was time for me to speak out.

So here it is – my psychic reading for all of you:

“Stuff” will happen in your life – some “good stuff” and some “bad stuff”.  From this “stuff” you will be faced with a unique opportunity to learn and grow.  The “stuff” – be it good or bad – and the way you handle it will help shape and mold who you are.  And while you need not be defined by what happens to you, you will be defined by what you do with what happens to you.

You will have joys and sorrows.  Regardless of the darkness you may feel, every day the sun will rise and life will continue moving forward…some days you may have to purposefully decide to move forward with it, other days it will carry you along without you realizing it.

You will make mistakes – lots of them.  You may have regrets.  You will likely view your life as imperfect, average, pedestrian and extraordinary at some point throughout its course (albeit, not necessarily all at the same time).  You will live in the days, weeks and years – but ultimately you will remember most the moments.  Money and things will seem to matter more than they should at times. You will learn ultimately that a whole lot of “living” occurs while you are making other plans.

So there you have it – I have shared my gift with the world.  Now that you know what the future holds, what will you do with it?

Day four hundred and twenty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. prairiewomn

    Yeah, I kinda thought that was the way it was going to go….Maybe I would have been better off not knowing all that stuff. LOL!

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