A Potpourri Of Thoughts…

It has been a hectic week – indeed, it has been a hectic few weeks.  I think today -being the last work day before folks slide into the luxurious leisure of the holiday weekend – is a good day to do some updates and to share some random observations that have been languishing with me… a potpourri of thoughts if you will.  If I were to post more than once a day to my blog I could undoubtedly follow-up on these snippets in greater detail, but seeing as my blog reflects my life and my life is so rich with “stuff” to write about I always have more to tell than time to tell it.  So many things regretfully go un-blogged…many important things…many interesting things…many funny things.  Seeing as my life is a constant adventure to blog about all the things I encounter and ponder in the world would be a full-time job and having one full-time job and a dozen other projects to go with that full-time job precludes the addition of blogging as a full-time job – life isn’t always a carnival ride. 😉

So, updates and snippets:

~I did not wash my car on Wednesday or Thursday so I feel no culpability in the rain that fell on Thursday.  Okay, that is a tad of a misstatement…I did not have my car washed.  I don’t actually go outside in short shorts, a clingy top and high heels with a bucket of sudsy water and do a Nicolette Sheridan/Desperate Housewives car washing myself (which, should you be uninformed,  really has more to do with the washer getting wet and sudsy than the car getting clean).  I watch through the glass as the folks at Don’s do it.  The point is, I feel vindicated by the fact that I can prove unequivocally this week that my car washing behaviors do not have a butterfly effect on the weather.

~ I received a sympathy card from the veterinary service that Cookie went to last week.  It was signed by all the staff at the Red River Animal Emergency Clinic.  I found that to be very thoughtful and it was the first time I have ever received a sympathy card from a veterinary office upon the death of a pet.  I am sure that it is something they do as a matter of course, the same way people do such things when folks they know pass – but, I must say, I found this simple effort and the recognition of the loss to be very touching and it mattered to me…so thank you RRAEC.

~I love getting back into the swing of things at NDSU…my office and the office corridor I am in are all a-buzz with activity and chatter again and it is lovely and life-affirming.  I am a fan of human contact and being able to share conversations and laughs with my students and colleagues is a gift.  I must confess that I sometimes wonder what I ever did in the universe to have it love and bless me so (perhaps it is the fact that I have not done the Nicolette car wash – perhaps the universe is rewarding me for my control in this one area).

~A commentary on uniqueness here for the folks I know who are so comfortable living in their own skin and being different.  I love, love, love those folks who write their own script without reservation or apology.  Conformity is sooooo overrated. I continue to find myself drawn to those who live the life they choose, not the life society prescribes.  There is a great freedom of spirit evident in folks like that, yet they are often labeled as odd, strange, different or a freak.  Not here…not with me…those are my people. 😉

~I have written a couple of times about the emails I get from Fifi about her LoveFifi sales (see What’s NAUGHTY… and Define Virgin…).  Fifi posted a response on my About Ms. C page that I got a kick out of and wanted to share it here…along with my response.

Fifi says:

September 2, 2010 at 1:14 PM (Edit)

Dear Ms. C,

You recently wrote a blog about my emails at LoveFifi.com. I write them myself and direct the graphics, so they are my babies. I am thrilled beyond words to know that there is officially ONE person who “gets” me! I actually had your blog read out loud at our company meeting. You validated me, darling and it feels amazing.

I want to thank you for your words. They mean a lot to me. Doing business in this economy challenges everything I know about my trade. I have been in intimate apparel (yes, even now I am wearing a babydoll as I type this, ha ha) for decades. Two of those decades as head designer at Frederick’s of Hollywood. This is my own business and we are making it thanks to smart women like you who pay attention.

Ms. C…..you are completely marvelous and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you got yesterdays Boobies in Bloom email. It’s a good one and my fluffy rose pasties are perfect for the new forty girlie girls. I’d love to send you a pair of your own….let me know.

(aka Amanda)

Dear Fifi (aka Amanda),

I did get the Boobies in Bloom email and would love you to send me some fluffy rose pasties – my wardrobe would not be complete without them (and I have already had requests to model them – who knew fluffy pasties had such allure??).  I am a Fifi fan to be sure – both the Fifi that sells all the delicious outfits that allow me to get into mischief and the shrewd business woman who is taking no prisoners. Keep up the good work – many folks are walking around this world happier because of you – you add the spice…keep it up (and yes, the horrible pun was fully intended).

Sign me – A devoted patron 😉

~I was almost hit twice this past week while walking across the street on NDSU’s campus.  Both times the person was fiddling with their phone – either texting or reading a text.  If I end up severely injured or dead because someone was playing with their cell phone and not paying attention I expect all of you out there to mount a campaign to ban this behavior on my behalf.  I wanted to slap silly the perpetrators that almost hit me, but the campus has rules about that kind of thing.  Seriously people – this behavior is madness – park if you feel a burning urge to read or send texts…no one should be injured or die so that you can make lunch plans or talk about your date last night.  And, if you are reading this blog on your Blackberry while driving give me your location and I will personally come there and have a Come to Jesus discussion with you before your behaviors actually send you to a place where you can meet Jesus face-to-face.

~My September and October are as full as they have ever been in years past and I am running here, there and everywhere.  To survive the scheduling and number of activities in these two months will take most of my time and energy and as such I may fall down on communications with all the folks that I know and love chatting with.  If this happens I want to apologize on the front-end and note that my passion for our communication and connection is in no way diminished by the fact that I am overbooked in my work life – you all remain in my daily thoughts, the buoyancy of my laughter and the intensity in which I tackle tasks in front of me regardless of whether we chat daily or weekly…in other words – nothing but love from here – even when it goes unsaid.

Day four hundred and twenty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Hi Darling!
    Would you like white, pink or red rose pasties? Where do I send them? You are really funny, honey. Thank you again for all your delicious words. I am honored.

  2. Fifi,

    I would like pink and you can send them to my home address – of course I am in your customer database – Carol Cwiak. 🙂

    I can’t wait to “bloom” – I may be a late bloomer, but I plan to be magnificent. 😉

    Ms. C

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