Normal Or Nuts?

I was going through an old stack of magazines and on the cover of the Reader’s Digest, June 2007 edition, I saw this:

or Nuts?

Test Yourself

Hmmmm…something is wrong with this premise. I need to work it through…there is a test…the test will tell you if you are normal or nuts.  But, if you are nuts are you even capable of taking the test that is meant to diagnose you? Also, if you are nuts – do you even know you are nuts? Couldn’t it be that part of your nuttiness is that you think you are normal?

Moving beyond that, are the nuts even going to be in possession of Reader’s Digest?  I am not sure what is par for the course reading for nuts, but I am fairly sure it isn’t Reader’s Digest.  Maybe it is The Enquirer, Teen Beat or Mad Magazine – but Reader’s Digest…I can’t see it.

So, I am guessing the vast majority of folks who took the normal or nuts test came out on the normal side – which is either right where they started or what their nuttiness convinced them they were.  Not sure how productive the testing effort ended up being.  Plus even if folks failed the test, then what?  Do you take your test to a mental health professional and say, “Reader’s Digest says I’m nuts!”, or do you wait for the next edition of Reader’s Digest to give you some insight on self-therapy (as clearly you already did such a good job on self-diagnosis)?

I image you want to know if I took the test and if so on which side of the aisle I fell on…well, I never took the test.  You see, I am smart enough to know I am not normal – I don’t need a test to tell me that.  😉

Day four hundred and thirty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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