The Responsibility Project…exploring What It Means To Do The Right Thing.

You’ll never catch me touting corporate America as the moral center of the world as we know it, but every once in awhile they do something right and I find myself impressed with the effort.  Now, I’ll acknowledge at the outset the same thing I always acknowledge when I speak of such things – I recognize that even the good things done by corporate America are mostly done to accrue to their benefit.  However, I can live with the fact that they accrue a benefit when they do something right…perhaps that will reinforce more of the same…perhaps it will signal a new dawn of corporate responsibility (yes, they say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one).  🙂

Case in point, Liberty Mutual’s awareness campaign entitled: The Responsibility Project.  According to The Responsibility Project web page it is “exploring what it means to do the right thing.”

In furtherance of this exploration Liberty Mutual has sponsored the development of a series of videos and short films that examine a broad spectrum of issues under the general umbrella of responsibility.  The ones I have viewed are of excellent quality.  I strongly encourage you to watch these with your friends and family, to show them to your students be they in a school or church setting, show them at P.T.A. meetings, link them to your Facebook or MySpace page – wherever you connect with others in this world I hope you will promote these videos and short films…they send powerful messages about our responsibility to others.

I am providing you links to my favorites below – but visit The Responsibility Project to see all the offerings.

Mandy and Lester directed by Lena Bueg is bound to produce a lump in your throat and bring a tear to your eye as it examines the actions of Lester who does the right thing even though doing so comes at a cost.

Second Line directed by Danny Glover will cause you to think twice about your potential connectivity with others.

Good Vibrations directed by Jeremy Clapin is an animated short film that examines complacency…a very interesting commentary and message is put forth in this film.

Transit directed by Steph Green examines a man grappling with doing the right thing when faced with witnessing a theft.

Father’s Day directed by Laurence Dunmore carries a very powerful message of those things that we carry with us that impact us into the future and the potency of forgiveness – very likely to make you shed a tear.

Lighthouse directed by Charlie Short is an animated feature that examines how a collective can solve a problem that heretofore was the responsibility of one person.  Very short, but sweet message.

The Home Run directed by Ron Shelton recounts a true story that emphasizes doing what is right even when it doesn’t accrue to your benefit…the film identifies the actual parties involved in this true story and the date when this noble gesture occurred at the end.

Tony directed by Grant Heslov is a fabulous story about an eclectic group of strangers who gather together to help a father find his sick son’s lost teddy bear.

Bravo Liberty Mutual on The Responsibility Project – I appreciate your commitment to getting folks to think about what doing the right thing looks like.  Even if you did not do it unselfishly at the outset – it appears that your company is itself examining what doing the right thing looks like and I like that…a lot.  😉

Day four hundred and thirty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C