Playing Dress-up…

Well, it is clear that the ramp up for Halloween has begun in earnest.  All my favorite girly girl shops are sending me emails about costume sales.  There is no end to the assortment of near-nothing, erotic costumes you can buy this time of year.  Most of the costumes I have seen are clearly geared toward the bedroom or getting you there mighty quick…but darn, they are so cute…and let’s face it folks – who doesn’t like playing dress-up?

Dress-up is an opportunity to step into another identity – one that is more playful, forceful, sexy, submissive, etc. – it is a mini-adventure.  And who doesn’t love that kind of adventure?  It is low commitment and low risk – a costume, some makeup perhaps and adopting the requisite persona for a few hours – hardly living on the edge of death (although it is noted that certain costume choices could be the death of your social standing). 🙂

I am a fan of costumes even though I have been known to reflect back on them in a different light than I viewed them in when I undertook them initially (especially when I see the party photos after-the-fact).  There are levels of costuming…some people take it more seriously than others.  I become quite invested in the complete package – I want the outfit, the shoes, the makeup, the persona – I want to live in that reality for that short blip of time…I want to play the part.  This makes me vulnerable to costume makers everywhere as I have rarely met a cute girly costume I didn’t like.

Enter CutesyGirl and their Halloween Costume sale this year – and OMG – you can imagine my struggle.  I had to take deep breaths and continually ask myself, “Do I really need this?”  It was if I had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other fighting the eternal battle between sensibility and abandon.  In the end I believe I landed somewhere in the middle – perhaps buying more than I “needed”, but not buying all the things I “wanted”.  I cannot disclose how much I ultimately spent lest my children see it and use that as the final rationalization to put me in the home (where I would be physically restrained and all my costumes confiscated – can’t have that).

I have to say, CutesyGirl’s costume sale was particularly problematic because they also have on sale an AMAZING selection of adorable costume-esque shoes (and I say “costume-esque” because some could be worn in day-to-day life…some).  They have 18 pages of adorable shoes and boots in every conceivable color and design to meet your over-the-top costume needs and all of them are under $50 – indeed, most are under $30 – can I get an AMEN!!??  They are all out of the Funtasma shoe line and there can be no doubt that they do put the “fun” in shoes.  They have a shoe for about everything…do you want to be a nurse, gladiator, soldier, pirate, referee, cop, hippie, ladybug, witch, Rainbow Brite, bumblebee, elf, Strawberry Shortcake, queen, sailor, Indian princess, Elton John (think Bennie and the Jets boots – oh yeah…they have ’em), merry murderess, witch or storybook character?  Well, they have a shoe for all of those and plenty more.  If you can’t find your costume shoe there you aren’t trying.  I felt compelled to add a couple of pairs of boots to my collection while there (no…not the Bennie and the Jets boots…not yet).  😉

If you go to CutesyGirl and buy more than $30 of merchandise (which is easy to do given all the great stuff they have) use coupon code VALUE06 to get 10% additional off (thanks to my favorite coupon site RetailMeNot for the code – that is how I rationalize buying more).  Trust me, if you like playing dress up you will be there for awhile as in addition to the 18 pages of costume shoes they have 23 pages of costumes (every page has 16 items – you do the math – I just say “lots”).

Consider this my public service announcement for today.  Live a little outside yourself for a few hours – whether it is at home just for fun or out at a costume party.  We all could use a bit more fantasy and fun in our lives can’t we? 😉

Day four hundred and thirty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. It’s interesting that you mentioned an angel and a devil sitting on your shoulders. I seem to remember a picture of you and a previous husband on your blog last year: You were dressed as a pregnant angel, and your husband was the handsome devil. I also love dressing up for halloween! I met my wife on Halloween, and I proposed a year later on Halloween.

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