Bring Over My Soapbox ;-)

Somewhere along the line I became the unofficial official spokesperson for the local Ms. Robinson Society.  The Ms. Robinson Society adopts the well-known Mrs. Robinson leanings toward relationships with younger men without the cheating stigma that goes with it…unlike their married counterparts, the members of the Ms. Robinson Society are blissfully single.  Imagine…me as their unofficial official spokesperson…frightening isn’t it?  I tell ya’ you write a blog or two about cougaring and next thing you know a special soapbox is being delivered by two adorable twenty-something young men who fully support the Ms. Robinson Society’s agenda.  Who was I to say no to such an important responsibility (not to mention the two cute delivery boys)?! 😉

I wasn’t entirely surprised to be singled out as the most likely to offer her voice to the cause of cougaring.  Somewhere along the line being a cougar became part of my identity (somewhere post 35 – read Cougar 101 if you need a definitional frame); indeed, whenever anything remotely cougarish is going on I get calls or emails. When a local radio station sponsored a Cougar Car Wash on August 3rd I got a call from my friend Sara Lepp urging me to dash right down there.  Regretfully, I had other obligations that day and could not get my little matchbox car cleaned by the cute cougar car wash boys – too busy with real work.  I was mildly amused that it was the Bob radio station sponsoring the car wash – I have a history with that station – see Turn Your Knob to B.O.B? Maybe next year…until then I’ll just have to settle for the folks at Don’s washing my car – their outfits aren’t quite as cute, but they get the job done.

Friends send me cougar info and photos as well.  A few of the samples are below.  I seem to be the one-stop destination for all things cougar, which is fine seeing as I am the unofficial official spokesperson for the Ms. Robinson Society.

So, since I have unofficial official responsibilities I think that today is a good day to share a very important point that often goes unsaid as it applies to cougars – cougars as a whole should be considered an important social movement.  Yes, you read that right – a social movement.

For decades women have been viewed as the more passive party in male/female relationships.  Women who were active participants in saying what they desired in relationships – particularly sexually – were at best an anomaly and at worst called unflattering names.  But the sexual revolution arrived decades ago and the days of free love have become the norm allowing women who have grown up to know their own mind and to own their own desires to take what they want without apology.  Enter the 35 year and older female demographic who are attracted to younger men who they know can deliver what they are looking for – sexually, emotionally and/or mentally (whatever the attraction is – she could just want to spend time with him because of his beautiful mind – it could happen).  The point is, older women are now taking  younger lovers and it is not a phenomenon to be viewed as sexual deviance – it is in act of empowerment.  Women have come to know themselves, know what they want and are not afraid to go after it.  This is the liberation of womankind – the cougar movement is but one step.  So yes, cougars are a social movement and one that should be embraced as a positive step forward in women’s rights to express themselves in the ways that they see fit – not as society dictates for them.

You heard it here first, from the unofficial official spokesperson for the local Ms. Robinson Society.  Now where are those cute boys to come help me off this soapbox? 😉

Day four hundred and forty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C