Yes! Yes! Yes! There Is Rest For The Wicked!

They say there is no rest for the wicked, but they are wrong!  You may think that I have finally figured out my destination per my blog yesterday –  heaven or hell…well, I have indeed figured out my destination – just not for eternity…not yet.  My destination in the short term is So Cal, I am headed there later today to spend Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday with my brother and his family (the much anticipated baby shower for Baby Rita is this upcoming weekend and Rita’s arrival is only a month out – it is all very exciting) – can’t wait to get on that plane!  On Sunday it is a full day of air travel to get me to Maryland where I will be speaking Monday at a FEMA conference.  Both of these jaunts are joyful and restful.  The first for obvious reasons – spending time enjoying family…the second because I get to give a couple of presentations about a subject I love – emergency management.  It will be a very busy four days and my late night return on Monday promises to make my Tuesday classes quite interesting, but that is okay because I expect that I will be smiling the whole time and that will translate into a more relaxed and more focused me – and that my friends, given what the next couple of weeks have in store, is a good thing.

Of course I will share with you all the ins-and-outs of my trip as soon as I can – the born-again tourist rides again (hopefully to as many In-N-Out’s as one person can hit in a few days)!  Perhaps I’ll even figure out where my final destination is while I am gone…if it is hell, I hope I seal the deal on this trip…I am ready for some GREAT days!  😉

Day four hundred and forty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C