Extreme Makeover – Let’s Talk Minard Hall…

I am in Maryland today and will not return until later this evening; as such, I will miss the Extreme Makeover Pep Rally – bummer. 🙁

Ever since the news came out that Extreme Makeover was going to do a build in the area, folks have been trying to guess where it might be.  I have no idea, but I wish that ABC would have consulted with me about this.  You see, if they would have asked me I could have told them that at NDSU we have the perfect building for demolition and rebuilding that has a great, sentimental, made-for-TV story to go with it- good old Minard Hall.  Really, think about it – how great an hour of television would that be??  They could talk to the faculty members who lost so much in the collapse, they could include the students in the build team, maybe even have Joe come back and help with demolition.  I think it may even be worthy of a two hour episode and promises to be like no other in the show’s history.

Sure, there may be those who say that this is the “Home Edition” and the show is about helping families.  To those folks I say, to many folks Minard Hall was home and we at NDSU are a family (sure some days we are a tad dysfunctional as a family unit – but we are family nonetheless).  We deserve to be considered…I think we should make a video…I think we have a shot! 🙂

The designers can talk to the faculty, staff and students who had offices in Minard Hall and tell them the kinds of things they like so that their offices can be personalized with decorative themes.  I would like my office to have an atrium feel to it with birds and all – I think Paige can pull it off.  They can build in a relaxation room in the new building where stressed staff and faculty can go – it can have exercise equipment, a sauna, a hot tub – and candy…lots of candy.  Most importantly they can hard-wire in (with battery back-up of course) weather radios into every office.  There is no dream that is too big with Extreme Makeover! 😉

Ah, yes…I can see it now…all of us waiting on the other side of the bus yelling along with Ty Pennington, “BUS DRIVER – MOVE THAT BUS!” and then dropping to our knees in shock when we see for the first time the magnificence of the new building…what a moment that would be.  That would have to be one darn big bus though with four stories to block from view…but I am sure ABC can find one – they are, after all – ABC.

Then they could follow all the Minard Hall folks as they run room to room in awe of the time, thought and effort that had gone into the makeover…I can assure you that I would sob at the sight of my atrium on the fourth floor…tears of pure joy.  You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be their highest rated show to date – come on!  Of course it would be!!

Unfortunately, that won’t be happening any time soon because ABC didn’t even bother asking me – if they did I would have been able to give them some sound advice on increasing show ratings and as an aside I would have told them to cancel Cougar Town before cougars everywhere sue for defamation.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to take that up with them when they are here. 😉

Day four hundred and forty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Um, building with bricks might be a little more than Ty would be willing to try. Besides, I heard that all he does is come in for the money shots — no working for the star!

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