Oh Yes, There Is A Correlation Between Size And Skill.

You likely have heard the saying, “It’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it.”  I believe that is often intended to be the antithesis of an even more common saying, “Size matters.” I think about these two sayings every morning when I take Cheyenne to school.   Cheyenne is at STEM this year, West Fargo’s much acclaimed magnet school – which is truly FABULOUS!!  Alas, the area in and around that school is the equivalent of Tornado Alley – except with buses – it is Bus Alley – and for a person with a matchbox car that can be almost as scary as Tornado Alley.

Bus Alley is replete with buses of all sizes, but mostly the big giant yellow school buses.  It is clear from the way the drivers maneuver those buses that they know their buses.  I would be scared silly to drive one of those giant monoliths down the street packed with boisterous children, let alone to try and turn a corner.  I would no doubt take out everything in the near vicinity of the street just trying to navigate the width of the beast.   But I’ll be darned, those bus drivers know exactly how to turn those giant things on a dime.  Indeed, those school bus drivers may have the biggest and clunkiest rides in town, but they know how to make it work for them – they definitely know how to use it.

It is good that my car is small.  I think there is an appropriate correlation between size and skill when it comes to vehicles – those with lesser skills should drive smaller vehicles.  I am fairly sure I have lesser skills and I am okay with that (you have to work with what you’ve got).  I think I can live the rest of my life never driving a bus and thankfully that should mean that many others will be able to continue to live their lives without injury or fear.

As for the bus drivers in Bus Alley – be nice to the driver in the little Tiburon with the limited skills…not everyone can rise to the level of driving the bus…some folks need to just do the best they can with what little they’ve got…and note – in this instance…and in Bus Alley in particular, size does matter. 😉

Day four hundred and fifty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. I remember when I was in middle school, we had this substitute bus driver and he had NO CLUE how to drive that thing. He hit a curb pulling away from the school, and when we were at a stop sign at the top of a hill, we started rolling backward and he was freaking out. Then he put the thing in reverse because he had no clue how to shift all those gears. Now I try to avoid all buses as much as possible!

  2. Kevin

    could be taken many ways…heard something at a funeral today, from the words of a 15 year old, “did you aim there? “no it was skill.”

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