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I have been so busy with all the week’s excitement that I have not been able to fill you in on my first Armenian baby shower.  I thought I better turn my attention to it today before I become completely consumed by the Extreme Makeover project.

Mostly I think I will post photos – I have bucket-loads of them, but will just post a sampling.  But first, I want to share with you something below that my brother Jeff brought up after the shower that got a big laugh.

Cake specially designed to look like the shower invitation: $1,100
Color-themed and artfully designed balloon displays: $500
Wine and other assorted libations: $1,000
Tables, chairs, tent, misters and fans: $750
Enough food in a catered event to feed a small country: $20,000+

Celebrating with family and friends the joyous occasion of a new child entering the world: PRICELESS

That certainly was the case in this situation – what a happy group this was to celebrate Narin’s pregnancy (my brother and Narin have tried for a long time and she lost a couple of babies previously).  The shower was held in Narin’s mother’s backyard in a lovely neighborhood in the hills of Whittier, California. Narin gave a short speech at the shower and we all laughed a bit and cried a bit – it was very touching.

I have to tell you, Narin received enough clothes and gifts to clothe and care for a dozen babies – it was crazy!  Of course there were more than a hundred people in attendance (I believe the guest count was 130 when all was said and done).  I was the only one there on my brother’s side – so you can see how prolific Narin’s family and friend linkages are.  It was impossible for me to keep track of who was who.  I gave up at about introduction 40.

I do however remember two new folks that I met and enjoyed quite a bit.  The first was Susan, a old friend and former law partner of Narin’s mom Rita.  Susan was fun and funny and a recovering lawyer who had been divorced a time or two (I wondered if we were twins separated at birth).  The other was Aunt Olga – one of the Russian Armenians at the shower.  Aunt Olga shared with me stories of her many adventures (Aunt Olga is well-off to say the least and possesses quite an adventurous spirit).  Aunt Olga explained to me that the Russian Armenians always bring envelopes with cash to these type of events as gifts.  Cash indeed…in addition to all the baby gifts and gift cards was quite a collection of hundred dollar bills.  As Aunt Olga said, the Russian Armenians bring envelopes…any Russian Armenians out there who want to adopt me? 😉

A couple other quick notes on the shower…my nephew Danny had a football game so he couldn’t go to the shower, but my nephew Paul went and watched the little kids.  He did a great job – that kid has a heart six feet wide – and the little ones love him.

The food was phenomenal – I tried many things I have not tried before and when it was time to visit the giant table of desserts I tried darn near everything.  Talk about a sugar high – I could have built the Extreme Makeover house in 24 hours with that energy level.

After the shower we went to Danny’s game.  His team didn’t win, but they showed a lot of heart and determination. It reminded me of how much I miss watching football – particularly live football at the pee wee, high school and college level.    I almost lost my voice after all the hooting and hollering I did at Danny’s game (do you think all that sugar played a role in my energy level?).

Anyway, back to the Armenian shower – a lovely time with lovely people who love my brother, Narin and my nephews and who can’t wait to meet my new niece baby Rita…I could spent a hundred Saturdays like that.

My brother, the boys and I outside their house before the shower.

My beautiful sister-in-law

Yes – those are balloons.

Yes – that is the cake.

Rita (Narin’s mom and Baby Rita’s namesake) enjoying the day

Susan wondering what I am up to 😉

My nephew Paul under a pile of kids

Me and Narin

Narin and Jeff

One of the cutest gifts I have ever seen – a clothesline filled with baby clothes and items – it literally stretched out around the room starting from size 0-3 months and ending in receiving blankets.  All neatly piled in a baby bathtub just waiting for the ladies in the room to help display it.  Literally there must have been three to four hundred dollars of baby items on that clothesline – it was ADORABLE!

Narin and Jeff with longtime family friend, Gus and his niece

Narin and Jeff with the $1,100 cake

Day four hundred and fifty-four of the new forty- obla di obla da

Ms. C

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