Rated X

Tony Horton calls his extreme workout P90x – I think he labeled that workout correctly – it is extreme.  I like the  use of the “x” at the end as a magnifier.

This week Fargo/Moorhead is getting a bit “extreme” – engaging in its first Extreme Makeover build.  My team started yesterday right after the family was surprised with the news. The check-in site is at the Holiday Mall in a tent on the grassy area that abuts the parking lot.  The home of the selected family is close by.  Even though we arrived in short order after the family was told it took awhile to get everything aligned and in gear – but we had a lot of our EM team members there and they did a fab job.  I suspect it will take another day or two to iron out a few more wrinkles, but so far things have come along swimmingly.

The chosen family – the Grommesh family – as I hear it, were truly surprised and humbled.  The parents run the nonprofit organization called Hope, Inc. Hope, Inc. seeks “to enhance the quality of life for children who are physically and mentally challenged and their families.”  Sounds like we will all be working this week to help a truly deserving family and I doubt that by week’s end there will be a dry eye in the house.

This project will consume my week and will disrupt even further my interaction with Tony Horton and P90x (the lower level flooding has thrown my house into complete disarray – space to workout has all but evaporated).  No worries though…I expect my metabolism to be high and I am sure I will be expending quite a bit of energy with all the activities going on at check-in (not to mention my daily purging at home of water-damaged items and pilgrimages to the trash pile at the curb).

For the next week I will be on a MakeoverX workout – not sure what it will do for my muscle development, but it should be great for my heart. 😉

Day four hundred and fifty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Stan

    Wonderful experience for you and your students. The real world doesn’t always go the same as textbooks and computer simulations as I am sure you already know. We plan and God laughs.

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