“Extreme” ~ A Label Well-earned.

Well I can say one thing unequivocally about Extreme Makeover – the “Extreme” is well-earned.  What a crazy week it has been (actually for my team the work on this project is measured in weeks, but this past week, the build week,  has been – in a word that cannot be overused in relation to this experience – extreme). As we arrived at the culmination of the effort, first yesterday with the Hajdari family and today with the Grommesh family, I am relieved that the vision was realized and that now life can go back to being a little less extreme.

It was a wonderful experience for the students in our program and one I suspect they won’t soon forget.  Thanks to Lance Akers for all the laughter and the shout-out to the NDSU team in his blog (NDSU’s Students Extreme Pressure and Accomplishment).  Our team made many new friends over the course of the week and enjoyed all the enthusiasm surrounding Extreme Makeover’s visit to the F/M area. Many thanks to our department and extended NDSU family who provided us so much support.

I found it a bit odd that even after a whole week working at check-in – no one from the production team came to talk to me about my idea of giving Minard Hall an extreme renovation.  Maybe they are saving that surprise for my birthday…shhh…don’t tell me…I want them to ambush me in the middle of class some day and tell me. 😉

Thanks F/M community for the great heart and spirit you showed in relation to Extreme Makeover’s visit – it was truly inspiring.  Now it is time to do some extreme relaxing…and sure…you can wear your blue shirt.

Day four hundred and sixty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C