228 + 228 = Mildly Intoxicated And No Nutritional Value

Today I want to share with you my new favorite place to visit – myfitnesspal.com.   I ran across this site a few weeks back when I was researching how many calories a Smirnoff Ice Wild Grape contains (that is my beverage of choice at the National Emergency Training Center’s Pub and I wanted to be sure to burn an equal amount of calories as consumed on my visit there this week~ like a good fitness- conscious citizen).  I was delighted to find that myfitnesspal has an extensive database of calorie and nutrition information on every conceivable thing you can eat or drink (well maybe not every conceivable thing – but an amazing number of the things you are likely to consume in any given day).  The site has other valuable services as well such as calorie and exercise trackers, but for my purposes the database is what made the site worth its weight in gold (hmmm….not sure if that is a backhanded pun or not).

As for the Smirnoff Ice Wild Grape calorie count – 228 calories each and amazingly, it has little nutritional value (who would have thunk?).  No worries though as on a heavy drinking night I am likely to maybe consume at most two of these little grape sodas – just not that big a drinker.  556 additional calories that will offer little nutrition but leave me mildly intoxicated…hmmmm, is that a good trade off?

After the past three weeks that have included a short trip to California for my first Armenian baby shower followed by a one day trip to Maryland to speak for FEMA; a return home to discover that in my absence the lower level of my home had flooded (the death of a sump pump is never pretty) ; dealing with the required chaos involved in remediating water damage (to include the loss of carpet and parts of walls and a bucketload of heavy duty water remediation equipment that made my home feel like Palm Springs for a week – without the cute pool boys, relaxation or drinks with umbrellas); daily attempts to try and go through little by little my now completely un-serene  home to decide what is salvageable and what is not; the 3rd Annual Emergency Preparedness Expo and the Ready Campus Summit (which overlapped the week before last); dealing with an ex who thought now would be a good time to rattle my cage; and finally the Extreme Makeover experience which was exhilarating, exhausting and all-consuming…yep, after all that I think the 556 calories are well worth it.  Indeed, I am thinking I may need to up my game a bit and go for 784 – after all, what’s consuming a few extra Smirnoff calories while socializing at the NETC pub after the past few weeks I have had??  Wait ~ I know the answer to that ~ R-E-L-I-E-F. 😉

Day four hundred and sixty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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