What The Fire Took…

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I was supposed to be on a plane about now…but last night the apartment building that both my sons live in was severely damaged in a massive fire.  There was a very scary period early on in the evening when we couldn’t reach via telephone or locate my older son who we knew had been in the apartment.  Fortunately, he got out with essentially what he had on – but no wallet, no keys, nothing but the clothes on his back.  Sadly, there are about 150 more folks likewise affected.

Luckily, both my sons escaped uninjured as did their roommate Alex (as did all the other residents), but they lost everything in the fire ~ including a number of beloved pets.  We are heartbroken about that. Our pets are like family to us.  The loss of stuff is one thing, but the loss of pets…what can I say…we are very sad today.

I cannot tell you that I understand what it is to lose everything I own.  I have never experienced that level of loss personally.  My sons and the other tenants of the Galleria are experiencing that loss and it is, as best I can tell from my observations, sweeping and devastating.  I am saddened for all the folks affected.  I started a Facebook Group called Galleria Fire – Help the Residents and I am hoping that can be a touch-point for the community to offer up help.

As I said, I was supposed to be on a plane about now…but today my kids need me more than FEMA does.  I will be working over the next few days to see what we can do as a community to help these folks. I’ll keep posting updates as they come available. Please do what you can to help the residents of the Galleria.  I know this community has the requisite heart to help carry these folks during this time when their spirits have been dampened and their worlds turned upside down…I know this community is powerful beyond measure…the fire may have taken many things, but it can’t take that.

Day four hundred and sixty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

If you are an NDSU student who has been affected by the fire let faculty know the situation soon as possible.  Faculty are typically very accommodating when these kind of things happen.

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