What Remains Of #316…

I am done writing about the fire on this blog after this post – I don’t want to give it another minute of my life.  I may write about folks’ thoughtfulness, graciousness, kindness and support in regard to the fire, but that is it.  I hate fire and I can’t dwell in this mindset any longer.  But before I go I am going to share some photos that my daughter Sarah took when she, her brother Noah, and his roommate Alex went back up to what remained of the apartment.

Yes, indeed – amazingly the management company let the residents go back into the building and up to the third floor.  My jaw is still hanging open at how potentially dangerous that was – if I had known then, what I know now about the state of #316,  I would have physically blocked my children and Alex from going in there.  That management company is darn lucky no one got hurt.  I am so very thankful that none of the residents got hurt – that would have been the unhappiest of endings after they all got out uninjured.

I think these pictures Sarah took tell the story of the destruction- they are small because they came off Facebook and I could not adjust them.  If you want to see them full-size and are my friend on Facebook look under the Photos of Carol file.  If you aren’t my friend yet – feel free to add me. If the photos below aren’t enough to sicken you see Holden Harwood’s photos on Facebook – but be advised they are startling and terribly sad.

#316 – this is my final goodbye.


Day four hundred and sixty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C