Was It My Singing?

Last year at a classroom auction Cheyenne picked up a rubber frog whose life purpose is to hang in the shower and hold something such as a toothbrush, shaver, scrubby, etc.  He attaches to the shower wall with a little plastic suction cup and basically just hangs out.  Sounds innocuous enough I know, but this frog…well, he keeps trying to escape.  Usually, every few days  I find him in the bathtub after a failed attempt to eject himself fully out of the enclosed shower area (I think he is getting bounced back by the shower curtain).  Some nights I hear his escape attempts because he takes down other items on ledges in the shower and it all goes clattering down into the tub.

I find all these failed attempts to escape unsettling and suggested to Cheyenne that perhaps there was a better place for the frog than the shower.  Alas, she finds his presence in the shower delightful and his antics amusing.   I am not sure about that frog.  He kinda’ creeps me out always popping off randomly when no one is around to see him.

The other day while I was in the shower singing a song that was stuck in my head the little rubber amphibian popped off the wall with gusto and flew in my direction.  It scared the bejesus out of me and put an abrupt end to my singing.  That is the only time I have been present when the frog actually moved and I can tell you that it just didn’t seem natural. I haven’t sung in the shower since…in fact, I stay as far away from the frog as possible (there is something eerily creepy about that happy, self-ejecting frog).

I have taken to leaving the shower curtain pulled to the side at night so as not to impede the frog’s escape attempts.  Some morning I expect to go in the bathroom and see that the frog is gone and as freaky as that will be – no questions will be asked and no search party will be formed.

Day four hundred and seventy-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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