Hot And Wet…thanks Bruce Kelly!

Bruce Kelly got me all excited today.  Bruce and I have spent the last couple of Wednesday mornings together talking about my blog on his radio show – Bruce Kelly and Company on TalkRadio AM 1100 – he is a hoot and I enjoy starting my Wednesdays with him.  This morning he said something extra-special to me though – something that started me down the path to wild excitement…indeed, wild excitement that left me hot and wet…what more can a girl ask for?

Here is how this went down folks…Bruce told me that the Bog Lots! store in West Fargo will unofficially open tomorrow.  I, along with countless others in the community, have been stalking the Big Lots! store since the sign went up on the outside of the building waiting patiently for it to open.  I love deals and that is Big Lots! whole premise – deals.  So when Bruce told me that Big Lots! was unofficially opening tomorrow I had to scurry online to see if there were any details on the corporate site about any special deals for the West Fargo location.  Unfortunately, they don’t even have a mention of the West Fargo store online; but, my scurrying was not in vain as I discovered that Big Lots!  has a special club you can join called the Buzz Club.  Now, I must confess that I think the name of the club is lame.  Oh sure, I get the play on words, but it makes me think of a different kind of buzz or conversely a buzz kill.  I would have selected a different name like Deal Divas and Dudes or Big Savers Club or Lots’ Lovers…something better than the Buzz Club, but seeing as no one asked me for my opinion I guess we are stuck with the Buzz Club.

At any rate, the Buzz Club allows you to earn a 20% off coupon after 10 purchases of $20 or more within a 12 month period, plus it gives you all kinds of special Big Lots! early information access.  I was so excited to learn this that I flailed and bounced a bit in my chair while holding my full cup of coffee and before you know it I was hot and wet – but damn happy.

So thank you Bruce Kelly – sure, I had to change my clothes and break out the Spray ‘n Wash, but man oh man…it was so worth it. 😉

Day four hundred and seventy-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. I too have been lurking around the store, waiting for the doors to officially open. The Buzz Club is new to me — I’ll have to sign up for that little extra!

    You might want to put Shoe Carnival on your radar, too. It’s opening soon next to TJ Maxx. “If the shoe fits, charge it!”

  2. Tam

    Ethel…WHAT are you talking about? I thought Gordmans was your store of choice? At any rate, it is CLEAR from this post that you need a girls weekend far far away from Fargo. Let me know when and where…..

  3. I’ve never met or spoken to this woman in my life. Ok……we spoke……and then she started squealing (see last blog) and then……..’cuse me for a second……….WHAT’S THAT HONEY ??? YEAH I TOOK THE TRASH OUT !!! OK……..LOVE YOU !!!……uh…. I gotta go……Carol………SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! you promised.

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