A Political Statement…

If you read my blog regularly you know that I don’t spend time talking about politics.  Indeed, my blog is fairly apolitical.  I don’t like to get dragged down in the rhetoric of politics.  Plus, there are plenty of other folks on Area Voices that have plenty of political views to share…I don’t think another voice is needed.  So, I am fairly mum on my politics on this blog, but that hasn’t stopped some folks from making some assumptions about my political leanings based on the opinions I have expressed.  In reality, I am nothing more and nothing less than an issue voter (that is my label – others may label me differently).  I refuse to have my beliefs and opinions dictated by others’ parameters…I like to make my own informed decisions and cast my vote accordingly.

I could never be a politician.  The reason lies somewhere between the cost to your family and the levels of compromise you must make during the journey to accomplish your goals.  I believe the desire to serve has to be pretty darn powerful to carry folks through all the garbage they have to wade through in the campaign process and later during their term.  So many folks take shots at politicians (both literally and figuratively unfortunately) that their skin has to be a few feet thick.   Yep, as I said above, I could never be a politician.

But an activist…that I could be…and I have the perfect cause to support – the importance of making your voice heard through your vote.  In my view, if you don’t vote you have no right to complain about the state of affairs.  It is a pretty basic position and something that I have no problem vocally supporting.

I am in San Antonio, Texas presently at the International Association of Emergency Managers conference,  but I voted early in West Fargo at the Veterans Memorial Arena.  I believe in the power of my vote and given the struggle and commitment that went into ensuring that I have it (particularly the struggle of Alice Paul and the women’s suffrage movement) I want to be damn sure I use it to make my voice heard.

So, yes…this blog is apolitical, but the activist in me wants to share with all of you today this simple message – get out and VOTE! And if you don’t, well…you know the drill…don’t dare complain.

Day four hundred and eighty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C