Whatever Is On Tap…as Long As It Isn’t Kool-aid.

I received an email from a reader that stated concern about the focus I placed on drinking in writing about my recent jaunt to San Antonio for the IAEM Conference.  It caused me to re-read the blog posts about the trip and I can see why he expressed concern.

It is a rather rare occasion to hear about me out and about whooping it up in my regular day- to-day life and as far as alcohol goes – well, I am certainly a contender for the  lightweight champion.  I don’t keep alcohol in my house and I only drink rarely when I do go out and even then it is typically one or two drinks at the max.  Those close to me know that to say that I am a “drinker” is the equivalent of saying that Lindsey Lohan is “well-behaved” (hence, it may happen on occasion, but it is decidedly rare).

Alas, I must concede that my blogs about my San Antonio trip were fairly focused on the consumption of alcohol.  The truth be told, the trip offered a respite of sorts from the madness that has been going on around here as of late – an opportunity to reconnect and unwind with folks that I value as thinkers and human beings…an opportunity to laugh and ponder the issues concerning my field…an opportunity to think about other things than flood repairs and fire losses…an opportunity to breathe in and out again without pause.  And my friends, I went to the right place – this annual conference with emergency management folks from around the world is known for its opportunity to connect and re-connect with like minds, tell war stories, laugh and generally spend as much time as possible enjoying the few days we get together each year –  and yes, that typically includes plenty of eating, drinking and merriment in the evenings.

So, perhaps I should have focused more emphatically in my writing on the value in reconnecting with the folks I was drinking with and the value to my soul that was found in the relaxation at the conference.  The alcohol was only the beverage…it could have been kool-aid for all I care…but then again, in my field drinking the kool-aid has a fairly negative connotation…so let’s just say it was really about the people and if a margarita or two was consumed in the process…well then, it was well-worth it. 😉

Day four hundred and eighty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Kevin

    Dear even if you consumed to much alcohol its your life not anyone elses. We all must live our own life, unless you have a signifigant other, that you must respect, you are free to do as you please, get fall down drunk, ITS YOUR BUSINESS, not anyone elses.

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