The Messenger Matters…

I support and applaud Fargo Police Department’s efforts to address traffic safety concerns with its “Getting it now?” campaign; however, I feel obliged to note that in safety messages – the messenger matters.  Safety messages should be pitched and supported by the agency promoting them and/or by a party that has been directly affected by the event or tragedy being addressed to deliver the maximum impact.

Sorry to say, but I think you missed the mark Fargo PD with Craig Bohl – and that is absent any tickets.  When you add the fact that Bohl has had 18 tickets in 7 years…hello…you don’t need me to tell you that he is not the right choice for this particular safety message.

And as for Craig Bohl – good gawd man – what are you thinking?  18 tickets in 7 years makes you seem reckless – and not in a James Dean sexy kind of way – reckless in an irresponsible and arrogant way.  Didn’t you think those tickets would come to light when you became the voice of traffic safety?  How can you credibly urge others to comply with the law when you so clearly don’t?  And don’t bother peddling the pitch that your rule-breaking makes you that much stronger a pitchman…I am not buying it and I don’t think too many other folks are either.

Perhaps now is a good time to remind Fargo PD of something Scott Adams said many years ago that is a well-known axiom in law enforcement – “One oh sh*t can erase a thousand ‘atta-boys.”  Fargo PD – there is still time to save this campaign from being one of those “oh sh*t” moments…don’t let a poor choice of messenger detract from this important message.

Day four hundred and ninety-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C