Book Early…

Let me be amongst the first to say this winter – SNOW BLOWS! We aren’t even 24 hours into the first significant snowfall of the season and I am already ready to go on record as saying I am over it.

Unfortunately, the word is that there is much more of this to come this winter.  Indeed, there is more to come this week…just in time to muck up Thanksgiving travel.  I am grateful that we have enjoyed so many days in November without snow, but a tad concerned that we are just getting our snow legs back before major holiday travel.  So today, I share a few resources that I find valuable this time of year.

The DOT road maps for North Dakota and Minnesota; the FEMA page on winter weather preparedness; The Forum’s severe weather announcement page; AAA winter driving tips; and – last, but not least – Orbitz’s webpage so you can book that trip to Cancun when you too become sick of the snow.

Remember folks…it only seems like 10 months of winter…really it is more like 5 months and a few weeks…and ultimately, it always ends.  😉

Day five hundred and four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

As you prepare to head out for the Thanksgiving holiday I want to encourage you to
monitor weather and travel conditions prior to traveling.  More snow is expected on
Wednesday and it is expected that blowing snow will make travel difficult on
Thanksgiving day.

Please take extra care when driving.  I know you won't text and drive because you
are all intelligent and safety-conscious young women ;-) - but, I want to strongly
encourage you to avoid talking on the phone while driving in this type of weather. 
Having both hands on the wheel may be the difference between staying on the road and
ending up in a ditch in trying driving conditions.  

Travel in the area is already becoming difficult - to see current road conditions go
to: ND - ; MN - .

Also, please make sure you are equipped with appropriate winter wear in case you get
stuck or stranded in your vehicle.  You should all have a winter weather survival
kit in your car (see FEMA's website for a complete listing at  At the very least, make sure you
have with you in the car the items necessary to keep you warm, some snack items,
water, and something fluorescent or red to tie on your car's antenna to indicate to
passing motorists that you need help.

It is a good idea to let someone at your destination location know when you are
leaving and the route you are taking and to start your trip with a full tank of gas.

A little preparation can go a long way toward keeping you safe.  Have a fabulous
Thanksgiving!  I look forward to hearing all the details of your Thanksgiving
merriment when you return.