Scanning My “horizon”…

There is quite an uproar about the full body scans the TSA has implemented and its alternative  – the full body pat down.  I can understand folks angst over both procedures as they both seem very invasive.  I think folks would feel a tad better about submitting to such searches if they knew that TSA’s efforts over the years had been successful in actually decreasing the possible number of weapons that are carried on to planes.  Unfortunately, we don’t hear too much about TSA’s successes…we tend to hear more about TSA’s failures.  So this full body scan (or pat down in the alternative) seems overly intrusive with no evidence that there is a counterbalance of successful deterrence of terrorism.

I experienced the full body scan awhile back when I was traveling.  I really wasn’t fully aware of what they were seeing or looking for, but I have to say, I stood up a bit taller, pulled my shoulders back, thought about what underwear I had on and put a knowing smile and come hither look as if I was posing for Playboy.  They couldn’t get me out of that contraption quick enough…I think I made them nervous.

Upon contemplation after-the-fact I wondered why they selected me for the full body scan that day.  Did they think I would present the least resistance, was I just the next person in their count-off of every ninth person or did they wonder what kind of underwear I was wearing (if any at all)?  I am not sure what their directive was, but I can tell you that I didn’t think for a moment that I had an option other than abject compliance.  The TSA has become a domineering presence in airports and to object or put up resistance to these folks doesn’t seem like too much of an option. Airports have come to have the feel of a police state and one does get the impression that anything but absolute compliance (with a smile and thank you) will result is a life-scarring experience.

To be fair though I must say that I have interacted with hundreds of TSA agents over the years and I have found 95% of them to be absolutely delightful; but, I have seen some power hungry agents step over the line with travelers who dare to question their procedures.  In my opinion, it is that small group of TSA agents who have  sullied the view of TSA agents generally.

I have to confess that having been scanned I now think more about the underwear I wear when I travel – if I am going to viewed in an invasive way I want to at least look good.  Oh yes, I know that I should be outraged that the TSA folks are viewing me in a state of nakedness, but I can’t waste time fretting over that.  If that is how some freaky TSA agent is getting their kicks – viewing me in naked body scans – well, they can have at it.  In my view, you’d have to be some kind of pitiful to get your kicks off a full body scan of a mocking woman in the new forty…or one of my ex-husbands…either way – I refuse to give up any of my personal power because someone wants to scan my “horizon”.  But be advised – my kinky TSA friends out there – I am not traveling this holiday so if you are interested in what underwear I am wearing you will have to inquire directly…oh yeah, and be sure to bring your badge and body wand.  😉

Day five hundred and six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Pedro Webbo

    Ahhh, expereinced the FBS while traveling to Europe this past Sunday. It was quick, didn’t think of the underwear thing, and have no idea how and why I was picked. I just went with the flow. I believe you are right when it comes to a few bad apples killing it for the other agents. Yeah there maybe a few getting thier jollies, but in thier defense, do they have a critical incident stress debriefing for the agents who are told they have to do it as a part of thier job? Is that workman’s comp? Remember they have to view all types and that can be a hairy situation with clothes on let alone with the FBS. if you have ever have to have been an “observer” for a urinalysis, you know where I am going with this.

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