Yes, That Is A Full Gallop.

Well-known journalist Liz Smith once said, “The most successful women don’t run from change; they run toward it.”

Yes Liz, I think you are right about that. Can you please call my institution’s new president, Dr. Dean Bresciani, and let him know that?  I want him to understand why I am approaching at a full gallop lest he misinterpret my agenda and have me tackled by one the university’s police officers.

There has been a lot of change at NDSU over the past year and it seems to be far from over.  This past week we learned of two more high level administrators at NDSU that are retiring this summer – Dr. Tom Riley, the Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and Dr. Craig Schnell, our Provost.

I do not fear change like some folks do…indeed, I find change a bit titillating…however, there is a distinction to be made between change and a loss.  It can be difficult to see folks retire…folks you have enjoyed working with…folks who have added to your positive work environment.  While their life change is joyous in that they get to experience new things, it is sad for others who will miss their presence in day-to-day operations…it is akin to a loss.  Alas, life must march on and change is inevitable – people come and go. organizations grow and evolve, ways or doing business change and life predictably goes on.

I will not bemoan change, but there are many folks who have moved, or plan to move on, to other opportunities that I will miss.  In the meantime-Liz, be sure and call Dr. Bresciani as my gallop is picking up speed.

Day five hundred and eleven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C