Little Square Houses For You And Me…

On our daily trip to Cheyenne’s school we travel down the street in West Fargo that I call the little square house street.  On that street there is a whole collection of those adorable one level square houses that are surely under 1,000 square feet (albeit, the inclusion of the basement may up their square footage).

I love the little square houses.  They seem so cozy…and I don’t say cozy as a euphemism for small…I say cozy as a representation of what those little houses’ identity impresses me as being.  The little square houses seem happy and content as they are…they seem like they are more about substance than fluff…they represent to me an understanding of what matters.

I have been thinking about the little square houses the last couple of weeks.  They communicate a powerful reminder to me (not in a voices in my head kind of communication, but in a representative way) – the things we need are really relatively simple.  For most of us that means a warm, safe place to live; food to eat; a healthy, happy family; and, a job that pays our bills.

It is so easy during the hustle and bustle of life to forget the difference between need and want.  I have all I need, but there are plenty of things I see and want…stuff I don’t necessarily need…stuff I may not use all that much…just stuff I buy above and beyond what I need just because I can.  But the little square houses remind me that I have all I need and everything else is just about wants.  And let’s face it, the wants list can become a never-ending list.

The little square houses are going to set the tone for my 2011 – the year that I remind myself daily that I have all I need.  2011 will be the year that I stop acquiring a never-ending list of wants just because I can.  2011 will be the year that I spend my days looking around at my life and world and remind myself that I have all I need.

I don’t live in a little square house.  My home is a modestly-sized tri-level.  It is undoubtedly smaller than many folks’ homes that I know and decidedly more basic.  It is just the right size for Cheyenne and me.  Every once in awhile I think I need a bigger home and more and better stuff to fill a bigger home…indeed, I think about how much I would love a big rambling home on a huge wooded lot…but when it is all said and done all I really need is a life that is represented by the little square house (even if it is masquerading as a modestly sized tri-level).

I challenge you to let 2011 be the year that you think daily about the difference between your needs and wants and to remember each time that you see a little square house that they contain a powerful message about what matters.  😉

Day five hundred and thirteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Stan

    Life gets simpler when you learn that all you really need is a roof over your head, a warm place to sleep and regular meals. Add some good friends and laughter plus faith in Him and you got things pretty well licked.

  2. Funny – I was already thinking this way before reading this today. (I’m getting caught up.) As I approach 50 in February, and having to move back home in with my parents, I do realize that I have all my basic needs taken care of for me, and the rest are just my wants. I am content. The rest is gravy. I’m working at becoming MY best at 50, and my education is part of the equation. Thanks for your insights. 🙂

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