The Thoughts You Take The Time To Share…

I love to read the comments left about my blog posts.  I typically comment back to them, but with the events of the last few months I have really only had the time to read them.  I want to thank all of you who take the time to not only read my posts, but to also comment.  It is a dialogue of sorts and I so enjoy hearing your thoughts…it makes my blog less a one directional commentary and more of a conversation.

Those who read my blog regularly know that there is no telling what direction I may go in on any given day with my writing.  Some days I am thoughtful and other days I am completely irreverent.  I write about things that are going on in my life,   my thoughts on current events, things that strike me as wrong or funny or absurd…really, just about anything that strikes my fancy.

My blog is me…what you read here is who I am.  The conversations I have here are similar to the ones I conduct in my day-to-day life.  I think I am somewhat different than some other bloggers who either write regularly on a fairly focused topic area or who choose to dramatically limit the information they write about their personal lives.

Sometimes I am asked how I can so comfortably write about all the things I do and share so much of my life with whoever cares to read about it.  My response to that question is two-fold: first, I cannot write fiction – I can only write from who I am, what I know and what I think and believe…I have not got the core of a great novelist in me like some of the other incredible bloggers on Area Voices; second, ultimately I write for me – this blog is a gift I give myself – it is my acknowledgment to self that I am worthy of doing something I enjoy daily.

As I said, this blog is me – authentic, imperfect, goofy, emotional me. So, when folks take the time to communicate with me via my blog they aren’t just writing about writing, they are talking to me about things that are real to me and that I have invested the time in writing about.

I received a blog comment on my nail polish blog from yesterday that I wanted to share in this post as opposed to just posting the comment on the blog post itself.  I do this so that the commenter has greater anonymity (her whole name lists with her comment) and also so that I can address her comment where others can see it (I recognize that not everyone takes the time to read the comments like I do). 😉

The comment comes from MLW and is as follows:

“I would think someone of your intelligence would pick a more appropriate topic to share on your blog.”

MLW’s comment is in regard to the nail polish color called orgasm which I think was horribly misnamed by the nail polish company.  I appreciate MLW’s comment.  I do on occasion get emails and comments from folks when I write about what some might consider more sensitive topics.  I think some believe that my degrees (a J.D.,  Ph.D) have a correlation with what I write in my blog and to some extent they do.  My education has formed my ability to think and analyze topics more effectively.  Sometimes my education is evident in my language or blog content (one too many heretofore, thereafter, or inasmuch…or the discussion of theoretical constructs, the nature of society or chaos theory), but I don’t put on my professorial personality for this blog – this is just me.  If I appear brilliant some days then it is just a display of some of the stuff that is in me…and the same goes for stupidity – it’s all in there for better or worse.

But I digress, back to MLW’s comment regarding the appropriateness of someone of my intelligence discussing the poor color selection for a nail polish named orgasm on my blog.  Here’s the thing MLW, while I can appreciate that there can on occasion be sensitivity to topics that are irreverent or focused on some subject that is considered sexual in nature – to not write about them at all for fear of making some folks uncomfortable would not be congruent with who I am…and as I have said…this blog is me.

I will say that when I do write about more sensitive topics such as sex they are often from a marketing perspective – it is part of my analysis of the world as I encounter it.  I didn’t name the nail polish orgasm and I certainly didn’t choose that abysmal color, but I did receive an email about it from a online beauty company that offered it free to me if I purchased other items (hmmmm…free orgasm nail polish…it does catch one’s attention).  I do a lot of commenting on the marketing materials I receive MLW as the increasingly bold attempts to get my attention fascinate me.

I also am not put off about writing on topics that others may shy away from.  I don’t think sex is a dirty word and I definitely don’t think the word orgasm is something that should never be written.  Now perhaps nail polish companies should think twice before they name their polish orgasm and online beauty companies should think twice before they offer me free products named orgasm…perhaps they will think twice after reading this blog (I can only dream that I have any influence – even the smallest – on the big world of marketing).

Thank you MLW for your comment and thanks to all the fabulous folks who comment on my blog – I really appreciate it and I do sincerely take to heart the thoughts you take the time to share. 😉

Day five hundred and sixteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. I’ve gathered from your postings that you’re a person who takes pleasure in testing boundaries by stepping over them on occasion! I also enjoy living on the edge, but while I sometimes put one little toe across the line, you often jump over with both feet while screaming at the top of your lungs: Subtle you aren’t! It’s one of the things I admire about you. Unfortunately, most of society doesn’t know what to think of people like us, and some are downright threatened and feel a need to smash our toes (feet in your case) and drag us back. I never seem to learn from these experiences, and I trust you won’t either. Keep up the good work!

  2. StormChaser

    I’m impressed by your ability to get that past the moderators. They banned me from Area Voices and deleted all my accounts because I used words that they didn’t like. Heck, I’d be surprised if you even get this… 🙁 Just know that I would comment more but I’m not sure if I can because of the moderators, but I still read all your posts regardless! 🙂

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