I don’t always do well with choices where my options are many.  On Thursday eve the kids and I went to the new Mexican restaurant on University and I knew I was going to struggle as soon as I saw the menu – too many options to choose from.  There were literally hundreds of options…had I not been pressured to order under a time constraint by the kids I would probably still be sitting there trying to decide what to order (and eating those darn tortilla chips like my life depended on it).

This difficulty in making choices when there are many options is going to become quite problematic over the next couple of weeks as it appears my home repairs might actually be getting underway soon (this week we enter week 10 of waiting for the claim filing’s resolution – so it is not a minute too soon).   Some decisions are required of me for this process (paint colors, flooring, trim, etc.) and I am feeling the pressure because I know I am horrible at picking one thing from a selection of many.

It’s not like I was unaware that this time was coming –  I obviously have known for 10 weeks.  So far, in that 10 weeks I have changed my mind almost daily about what I think I want.  No harm, no foul thus far as all my choices have been theoretical; but, now we are coming down to crunch time and I need to make a choice I can live with – literally.

I think my challenge in choosing between many things is I over-analyze things. It is easier to analyze and come to a conclusion with four or five options than it is with forty or fifty (or heaven forbid even more).  I haven’t always been so plagued with indecision – it used to be I would just make a quick decision and move on – I knew my mind.  Apparently, my mind and I have grown apart…we are no longer close and I am inexplicably lost as a result of the distance.

I saw a birthday card once upon a time that said, “Another year older and deeper in doubt.”  Goodness gracious – is that what the future has in store for me?  Will I be in a constant state of indecision?

It is time to conquer this too many options issue…I have dealt with like issues before and emerged victorious (case in point – so many men, so little time).  I am the boss of me, the queen of my kingdom, the master of my universe…I am WOMAN…I can do this.  I can choose the one thing I want from the broad spectrum of options in a reasonable amount of time.  I can make a decision that sticks.  I can be a rational decisionmaker.

Ummm, yeah…but can I just have another day to decide? Really…I am almost there – I have it down to under a dozen possible options – success is within my reach.  Okay – okay – what the hell – brown, aqua and wood accented by white – if I don’t like it when it is all said and done I will just wear my rose-colored glasses.

Now I need a drink…what are my options at 7 AM?  Oh crud – that many? 😉

Day five hundred and eighteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C