A Red Coat Day…

Today was a red coat day.  I didn’t know that at the day’s beginning; indeed, it didn’t become a red coat day until 10:20 AM this morning.  I have never had a red coat day before.  Something about red and my hair…I always feared that was too much competition in the warm end of the color wheel  – until today.

Today the unstoppable Patty Corwin bestowed on me a beautiful red coat as I was running from one meeting to the next.  Patty is always doing something for the folks around her – she is a treasure trove of health and homeopathic care information,  is constantly looking out for someone’s well-being, knows everyone in a 100 mile radius of Fargo, and lives each day thinking and doing things for others.   She can be seen on any given day flitting from here to there in her traditional Patty state – perfectly coiffed, meticulously dressed and abounding with energy.  She is a fascinating and lovely woman – a true joy to experience.

Now that my office is in Putnam Hall and Patty’s office is in Barry Hall we tend to only see each other in short blips in passing.  Today was such a blip.  I was heading out of one meeting and off to another when Patty asked my size and told me to take off my coat.  Before I knew it I was headed to my next meeting in a beautiful red cashmere coat.

I didn’t realize it upon putting the coat on, but by day’s end I knew the coat was magical.  I have fairly sound evidence of its magical qualities – I had a magical day and all the magic started with the red coat (welcome to my world of deductive logic – its simple here – you will like it).  The interesting thing was, I really was quite in need of a magical day so the red coat came just in time.

It makes me wonder if Patty is a contemporary fairy godmother who sprinkled some fairy dust on the coat as she put it on me.  I really did feel different right away – brighter, shinier, happier and more blessed.  Perhaps it was just Patty and her thoughtfulness that was so magical and her magic set the frame for my day.  Not sure which it was, but I know this one thing for sure –  it was a red coat day and I have Patty to thank for it.

I am going to have to ask her if she actually has fairy dust – that might be exactly what I need to have long term relationship success – a little bit of magic…and a red coat of course.  😉

Day five hundred and twenty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. My favorite coat is a red cashmere coat! I wore it through the streets of Manhattan when I first moved to NYC in 2002. I LOVE that coat! I just broke it out of storage and am looking forward to wearing it again this winter – seeing how, for us here in FL, it’s looking to be a cold winter! 🙂

  2. Yes, there are garments out there that make me feel the same way — as if I’m living a charmed life. I’ll bet that red coat looks great on you!

  3. Becky

    I am sure that the red coat compliments you wonderfully. The fairy dust is real: Patty’s amazing grace permeates everything she does, and that is what changed the day for you.

    How wonderful for you: you deserve a little pampering for all the compassion you shower on others as well.

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