Guilty Pleasures…

Alright, alright!  I’ll admit it – guilty pleasures – I have a few.  Yes, yes, yes- lately I have been DECIDEDLY GUILTY about all the pleasures I have indulged in.  THERE…IT’S ALL LAID OUT ON THE TABLE…FORGIVE ME FATHER FOR I HAVE INDULGED – OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Ah, they say confession is good for the soul – I do believe that is true.  So I have some guilty pleasures and I have been fairly cavalier as of late about guilt – so what?  After all, we have already established that this confession thing is cleansing and soul nurturing…under that premise it is hard to conceive why guilty pleasure indulgences are avoided at all.

I think we just loathe to admit the weakness sometimes.  I really do understand that.  I am not perfect though – I acknowledge that at the outset.  I especially struggle with some things…things like those darn powder sugar covered melt-away cookies they sell at Sunmart this time of year…things like those sinful white covered pretzels with sprinkles that come in a tub at Target…things like that yummy peanut brittle that I seem to encounter everywhere…yes, I struggle.

My biggest guilty pleasure though as of late isn’t cookies or pretzels or brittle…oh no, it’s a short-run television series that is in its second season – The Sing-Off.  I LOVE THIS SHOW!  It features a cappella groups that the show collected from around the United States and twice a week they sing and perform (the entire show only lasts for maybe three weeks or so).  Each show a couple of the groups are eliminated.  They started with ten and are down to six after last week’s shows.

The performances on this show are amazing!   If you don’t believe me check them out yourself.  Each show is about two hours long and when you have an ample supply of special cookies, pretzels or brittle to go along with the enjoyment of viewing – well, damn – call me a sinner and let me repent tomorrow.

So hell yeah…I AM GUILTY…and ummmm – loving it. 😉

Day five hundred and twenty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C