Joy To The World!

I was supposed to be out in California this week.  Alas, with my lower level in disrepair from the water damage and work not scheduled to commence until after Christmas, my plan for Cheyenne and me to experience a relaxing week with my brother and his family before the holidays has been put on hold.  I was acclimating to the reality of the situation until my sister-in-law sent me the photo below of my niece, Rita.

The word that comes to my mind when I see this photo is “joy”.  It got me to singing that song from the 70s – Joy to the World.  You  know the song…the Jeremiah was a bullfrog version by Three Dog Night. I am not sure what exactly was going on with the lyrics in the song…sounds like they may have been enjoying some special kind of joy…but I know that baby Rita’s smile makes me sing it.  I mean really- look at that toothless smile – how can you be anything but joyful seeing such a pure, simple and beautiful thing as a baby’s smile? It reminds me that I have missed much this week and will need to get out there soon to officially meet my newest niece.

So today I share my little piece of joy with you…and with the fishes in the deep blue sea…but the bullfrog, Jeremiah, uh no – my joy knows limits.

Day five hundred and twenty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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