Do You Know?

Here is my question of the hour – “It is 1:00 PM -do you know where your city’s snow plow is?” Well, perhaps my asking the question already gives away my response, but what the heck – let me respond anyway.  I do not know where my city’s snow plow is.  I haven’t seen it all day.  Sure, I heard it beeping in the distance a couple of times, but it has not visited my snowy cul-de-sac.

I now realize that I have a multi-layered problem that cannot be solved just by having my driveway cleared.  I need to be able to get off the street and that takes some plow power.  I think my next car needs to be a snow plow.  This is the second time in less than a month that I have had to wait for city plows to address the snow in order to leave the street.  My son Cory says I should just punch the gas and power through whatever snow impedes my progress.  Clearly, he both overestimates the height of my car and his mother’s driving skills.  Below is a photo of a Tiburon – not mine, but mine is just like it – how many inches off the ground do you think it is?

Well, I can tell you what folks tell me when they get in my car – it is like sitting on the ground.  I personally am quite used to it and it fits me well so I forget how low it is…that is until the first significant snowfall.  With the first snowfall comes my annual musings that I really need an SUV or Monster Truck for winter driving.  Then the winter stretches on and I learn to cope somewhat and I never buy a vehicle that would provide me with the winter security I seek.  Such is the annual angst of a low profile car owner who has no punch it and power through it skills.

So that’s it.  My next car is going to be a snow plow.  But wait…what is this I see?  It is one of those giant super duper John Deere snow plows (772 CH) with a long nose and two blades that push all the snow to a pile in the middle of the road.  And there is that lovely snow plow driver doing rotation after rotation so the woman with the pitiful low profile car can get off the street.  Now I understand how they make that nice round snow pile in the middle of the street for the kids.

I think my next car needs to be a 772 CH…then I could look forward to significant snowfall.  How much do you suppose that baby costs?  I don’t mind buying used…just as long as there aren’t too many chips on the original paint…looks matter in this decision almost as much as size.  Do you think I can pick up a nice used one up for $10,000?

Day five hundred and twenty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Lucy

    We feel your pain…it took us a 1/2 hour to get Nathan’s car in the driveway yesterday. His is low to the ground and doesn’t handle snow well at all. It was quite the comical experience. Can’t wait to move to San Diego!!!

  2. Kevin

    find a new boss, my boss has snow blower, bi directional, and skid loader for snow removal, its up to me to decide when my snow gets removed….well actually Jake since I seem to be someplace else everytime snow needs to be removed….today and yesterday we were at the lodge going to butcher skewl. And by the way, the lodge has open house tomorrow, from 2pm to 10pm, all you want to eat and drink with sleigh rides. Near fort ransom, ND,

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