How Many Bras Does One Girl Need?

I remember my mom had two bras – that way she always had another one to wear when the other was in the wash.

As part of the disruption and reordering of my life that has been going on since the water damage in my house in September I have been shifting items around quite a bit and purging while in the process.  I have accumulated so much “stuff”.  Yesterday my purging made it to my bra drawer.  Of course I had to purge because I had just purchased two new bras and there was simply no room at the inn for them.

I found the exercise of purging items from my bra drawer troubling.  It has been awhile since I sincerely paid attention to the mounting collection of bras I have.  I am far beyond my mother’s two bras – indeed, I cannot recall a time since my youth when I could say that my bra collection sat at the reasonable number of two.  These days the collection is filled with bras of different colors, cuts, designs and fabric to meet all the eclectic needs I believe I have.  Some are functional, some are frilly and some are only meant for good, clean fun – but at the end of the day they are all bras and seriously, how many bras does one girl need?

Well, after purging a healthy number of my bras I still have 14 in my drawer (well, actually I have 13 in my drawer and one on).  Those are the bras that I could actually justify keeping without believing I had completely lost my way in this consumerism-focused society.  The 14 represent all the conceivable bra needs I may have (and I acknowledge they also cover a few wants).

Things have gone awry in our world my friends.  I keep revisiting this notion of acquisition of “stuff” because more and more I come back to the little square houses message – I have all I need.  Now, this doesn’t mean that I am going to burn bras tomorrow or heaven forbid go au natural, but it does mean that this notion of having enough without buying into the excess is a theme that has increasing resonance in my life in the new forty.

The bra drawer is just one more reminder of the need to push aside the things that are empty calories in my life and focus more on the things that nourish my soul.  I think I am moving in the right direction, but it is truly an ongoing effort to fight the constant push to acquire more stuff that we learn in society is supposed to be what we should want or what we deserve.  I have all that I need and it will be a good long time until I buy another bra – unless of course society convinces me that I need or deserve new, improved bigger breasts…but then again, if I get those who needs a bra? 😉

Day five hundred and thirty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Jackie

    Enjoyed the article! I don’t think I have ever owned just two bras in my life either! I just wish the designers would quit designing bras that I can’t pass up! There is a bra for every sport, occasion, holiday, event, mood, etc., I rotate mine by seasons, then its like Christmas when I get back around to digging “new” ones out!!

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