I read the newspaper online.  Actually, that is probably an exaggerated statement – I skim the paper online and read a few things.  I know there are some folks who have the time to read the daily paper front to back, but that luxury does not fit in my life schedule.  So I skim and read those pieces that catch my attention.

If you read The Forum online (InForum) you recognize that they have ad space that they sell to local businesses on the pages.  Every once in awhile an ad catches my eye.  Regular readers know that I am fairly fixated on creative advertising and do often look at ads purely on that level.  It is rare though that I click through an ad and visit a site – I often just don’t have the time…but today was different.

Today I saw an interesting tiny little ad while I was on one of InForum’s pages that had an interesting piece of jewelry on it and I clicked on it.  How fortuitous that click was.  It brought me to the site – Just For You Jewelry and Beads – run by Tamra S. Kriedeman a local artisan that lives in Southeast North Dakota.

Tamra creates the type of jewelry I love – creative, individualistic, inspirational, meaning-rich jewelry.  I have seen this type of jewelry design before – it is the stuff that you can find at the artsy jewelry design shops featured in California beach communities – well-sorta’ but not quite.

You see Tamra does custom design and her work doesn’t cost an arm and a leg – it is actually quite reasonable for custom work.  I like that.  A good quality item for a fair price – how North Dakota of her (my personal homage to the Marc de Celle’s book – How Fargo of You).  😉

I am ordering a custom piece that perfectly suits me and will share a photo of it with you when it arrives.  I think I may need to order a few other items from her site as well – there are just so many luscious items there and meaning-rich jewelry created by a local artisan just resonates with me in a way that is far more meaningful than something sold by the national multi-million dollar jewelry chains (take note future suitors/boyfriends/husbands/ex-husbands).

Tamra has a whole slew of ideas for special saying imprints on her site, but can do anything it appears that you ask for (well, there is likely a word limit at some point – you aren’t going to be able to get the full U.S. Constitution imprinted unless you can carry a few metal tablets around your neck).  Her work is for both men and women and she even had one piece that spoke directly to the emergency management professional in me – a charm that is an acronym (we EM folks love our acronyms – IIAAII – If It’s An Acronym It’s Important).  This charm reads DILLIGARA (see below for the meaning) – I know just the perfect person for that charm – the irrepressible Patrick Wilson.  I wonder if he was indeed Tamra’s inspiration for that piece.  😉

If you like to wear (or give) jewelry that is unique and rich with character check out Tamra’s site – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed at the endless possibilities she offers you.  And by all means, let me know what you think and what you end up ordering (because you will be hard-pressed to get off that site without ordering something if you are a fan of this type of jewelry).

The custom necklace I ordered…well, I stole a saying from Tamra’s long list that spoke to me: FORTUNE SIDES WITH SHE WHO DARES.  I think that is going to be my official 2011 mantra.  Yes, it is true that I have been unofficially embracing that mantra for a number of years now, but in 2011 it is time to embrace it fully and what better way to do so than with a fab piece of new jewelry made especially for me?  😉

Day five hundred and thirty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C