Call Me Chris…

I feel like Christopher Columbus today.  I discovered something that I believe is noteworthy and I feel victorious.

You see, I adopted my major appliances – in that they came with the house when I bought it- and I just kept them instead of moving my appliances from the Kindred house.  They were all in good condition when we moved in and there was really nothing to complain about.  But over time I noticed that it was getting more and more difficult to clean the fridge outside door surfaces (which are textured) and the handles.  Try as I may they just seemed to get dingier and dingier.   Enter a husband who seemed to regularly be entering and exiting the fridge with grimy fingertips and the handles started to look like something inside a auto mechanic’s bay.  In a word, they were – frightful.

Numerous efforts with various types of cleaning supplies were undertaken to address the problem to no avail.  I had resolved myself to the notion that I would likely have to buy a new fridge if  I wanted to get back to an acceptable level of clean (I know that option is a costly one, but at the time I could see no other alternative).  Alas, one day while I was standing in the kitchen staring at the disgusting fridge handle I had a thought (oh yes, I do have those on occasion) – I thought perhaps I could use my little fabric steamer on the fridge exterior and handle to help dislodge the grime which seemed to be embedded in the fridge’s pores.

So today I whipped out my little $20 steamer and spent an hour steam-cleaning the outside of my fridge.  In the process I also had a mini steam facial and brought out the natural curl in my hair – all-in-all a valuable hour spent.  Well folks, I am delighted to report that it worked!  The fridge looks ten times better than it did and I feel a whole foot taller and infinitely more intelligent than when I started.  I discovered a fix for my problem all by my lonesome – yeah me!

Now, I realize that there may be a product on the market that I am unaware of that could have accomplished the same thing or that I may not have been the first woman in America to have steamed her refrigerator – but it sure felt like I was so don’t rain on my parade by telling me otherwise!  I may be more like good ol’ Chris than I thought – I may not be the first one to discover this approach, but seeing as I think I am – I am tickled pink with myself.   I am already surveying my other problem areas in the house to see where I can use my steamer next. 😉

Day five hundred and thirty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C