Visualizing Inclusivity…

Take a minute and think about this question – “What image illustrates inclusivity to you?”

I ask this because a few weeks back Bruce Kelly (my radio pal from The Flag) bet me that Area Voices would kick him off their site in short order when they discovered that they had provided him a platform for sharing his thoughts.  I argued that they wouldn’t kick him off – that they were good about allowing a wide spectrum of voices and ideas on the site.  I can’t recall what he owes if he loses, but I do recall what my obligation was if I were to lose the bet.  If I lost I had to strut down to the radio station in my Santa Baby dress (and yes, I had my Santa Baby dress long before Mariah Carey ever thought to don such an outfit – she is such a copycat).

Well, I won this bet folks – Area Voices proved out my theory of inclusivity and Bruce remains an Area Voices blogger…which leads me back to my original question, “What image illustrates inclusivity to you?”  The answer to that question for me and my pal Bruce today is below. 😉

Yep…that is the Santa Baby dress on a hanger being used for all its gloat worthy glory by the winner of the bet.  Now if only I can remember what I won besides the right to gloat…ahhh, what the heck – that’s enough. 😉

Day five hundred and thirty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Brian Hazard

    Inclusivity — Colonel Dan in _Forrest Gump_: a white guy sitting in the back of a black Baptist Church drinking his bottle of Jack Daniels.

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