No Dust Ruffle – In This Day And Age?

I have seen an awful lot of advancements in my years on the planet.  It particular the advancements in technology have been nothing short of amazing.  I can remember the days when all phones had cords and the really hip, sexy phones had push buttons instead of dials.  Oh yes, there have been a lot of advancements.

One advancement that I have taken for granted for years is the decidedly unsophisticated, but tremendously purposeful dust ruffle (also known as a bedskirt).  A dust ruffle is  that decorative thing that you put between your mattress and box-spring that covers the box-spring and frame and blocks from view all the area between the bottom of the bed frame and the floor.  Over the years they have grown in popularity and are now regularly sold as part of bedding packages.

Dust ruffles have been a part of my bedroom decor life since the eighties (about the time the water bed made its exit and a stationary bed entered the picture).  I have had them for so long that I really cannot fathom my bedding ensemble without one.  I guess I pretty much believed that in this day and age dust ruffles were a given…that is until I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition on Sunday evening. 

Of course I was glued to the television set like so many other folks in this area watching the F/M episode that featured the Grommesh family’s story.  It was nice to see folks we know featured on a nationally broadcast television show.  I thought they represented the heart of the area well and that little Garrett is too sweet for words.  I lapped up every minute of the episode, but when they did the tour of the old house and they showed Bill and Adair’s bedroom I noticed something disturbing – no dust ruffle.  How could that be in this day and age?  How could it be that there was no dust ruffle on their bed?  I was shocked – the bed as much screeched, “Cover me I am half-naked here!”  I cannot be the only one who noted this…surely there must be others who picked up on this.

No dust ruffle on Bill and Adair’s bed – well, that was reason alone for a bed makeover to be sure.  The image of the semi-naked bed stuck with me.  I kept thinking about it after the show was over…I kept wondering why such nice folks like Bill and Adair Grommesh were living without a dust ruffle – I could not conceive it.  Then it hit me.  Clearly, ABC must have told them to ditch their dust ruffle before filming, because dust ruffles – even if they are a fairly basic item – don’t paint the sought after Extreme Makeover image.  Extreme Makeover wants to go from dumpy and/or despaired to dazzling…from bare bones to breathtaking.  After my epiphany I thought back over past Extreme episodes and I could not recall seeing dust ruffles on other Extreme builds either.  No pretty matching bed set, no decorative pillows, no dust ruffles…only mismatched bed sets and haphazardly made beds – hmmmm…what are the odds?

My hypothesis is that ABC tells its Extreme families to take the decor down a notch – especially the pretty bed stuff.  I guess I’ll never know for sure, but I will be watching future episodes to see if my dust ruffle theory is supported by future bare beds.  And if I am wrong…if dust ruffles are not the standard bed attire that I believe them to be…well, then I have clearly been swept up by the textile industry’s marketing and am out of touch.  If that is the case, I want my water bed back.

Day five hundred and forty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Katherine

    Alas, dust ruffles really are not high fashion anymore. Now, many beds, just like the old waterbeds, are on platforms with drawers and storage below. The clean, non-cluttered look is “in.”

  2. Ms C., I have the best of both worlds . . . a 20 year old soft-side water bed with a fabulous bed ensemble including a luxurious bed skirt. And the soft side water bed has a feather bed and heated mattress pad on top. Oh, yeah. I’d never leave it if I didn’t have to.

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