Crisis Averted By The Push Of A Button…

Well, my Christmas present from the kids is now complete – my auto start has been installed.  No more getting all bundled up to go outside to start the car.  From here on out it is one push of a button while looking out my front window inside my house…one push of a button and my car will magically start.  I think I am in love.

My old auto start was my husband.  He would go out on winter mornings and start my car 15-20 minutes before I had to leave.  I must say I was missing that nicety this winter.  I think the kids were afraid that my longing to go back to the days of warmed-up cars might result in a new husband; as such, they took immediate and drastic measures to address the situation.  Now my car warming-up needs are handled with the push of a button…crisis averted.

It makes one wonder what the kids will do if they think their mother is getting lonely and is in need of male companionship…do you suppose there is a button to push for that? 😉

Day five hundred and forty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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